Selling Homebrew Gear? Get it featured on Homebrew Finds

I periodically receive requests from Homebrew Finds Readers to help them sell some item or items.  Many times it just doesn’t work, but sometimes it does.  Here are some general guidelines for how we can work with you.

  • You need to have more than one of anything you want to sell.  Homebrew Finds is popular and our readership is sizable.  I can’t feature one of something because it may sell out instantaneously and frustrate people.  This is going to depend on the item, you probably don’t need dozens or hundreds, but you may need at least a few of something.
  • We will not feature items on craigslist.  These are generally too regional and offer no buyer protections.
  • You must be able to ship to US addresses.  Local pickups make the likelihood of people being interested in your gear less likely.
  • Items must be listed on eBay or Amazon.  These platforms generally offer buyers recourse in case issues arise.
  • Your gear must be relevant to homebrewers and craft beer lovers.
  • Your gear must be well priced – with shipping costs factored in to the overall value.  Not that you need to include free shipping, but the shipping costs will be evaluated as part of the total package.  “It’s only $1” + outrageous shipping… doesn’t work.
  • Membership has it’s privileges.  If you’re a long time reader, regular tipster, regular contest participate, long time email subscriber or if we regularly talk on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or by email, you’ve got a better chance of convincing me.  Connect with Us and get to know me!
  • This offer is open to both HBF Readers interested in one time sales and to those who operate or aspire to operate businesses.
  • If you do submit a tip for something you’re selling or are affiliated with, please let me know.  This helps me properly evaluate and classify the tip.  An example – I don’t want to mark something as a reader tip if you’re selling it.
  • I reserve editorial approval to decide what is featured on HBF.  These and other factors are at play.

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