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anvil grain scale review

The Anvil line of products, is… “a premier line ofanvil-brewing-equipment-palmer-approved-sm brewing equipment, designed and built by the geniuses at Blichmann Engineering, with help and inspiration from John Palmer! The entire suite of products work in unison to provide a perfect brewing experience from day one, and at a great value to you the homebrewer. You can rest comfortably knowing that Anvil equipment is backed by two of the biggest names in the homebrew industry. Anvil Brewing Equipment: Inspired by Palmer, Built by Blichmann, and Made for You!”

The lineup includes kettles, propane burners, false bottoms, scales, thermometers and more.

Hands on Review Anvil Large Grain Scale

cln_img_0719Front of the box.  Reads High Capacity Digital Grain Scale and Palmer Brewing Solutions Approved.cln_img_0720Side of the box.  Reads 65 lbs x .02 lbs (30 kg x .01 kg) Capacity, Selectable lb, kg units.  Remote display with 6 ft cable (2m) allows use of over-size weighing container.  Extra-large 12″ x 11.75″ (300 mm x 315 mm) brushed stainless steel weighing surface.  4 AA batteries and AC power adapter included.

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cln_img_0726A look at the brushed stainless extra large weighing platformcln_img_0728The platform along with remote display unit.  The remote display unit means large containers will not cover up the readout.  It also has a long 6′ cable and mounting holes.  That means you can mount the display on a wall for easy access and keep the weighing platform on the floor.cln_img_0742Close up of the logocln_img_0732A close up of the remote display.  Unit button switches between lbs and kgs.  Tare button zeros out the scale, allowing you to get an accurate readings of just the contents and the On/Off button turns it… on and off. 🙂cln_img_0737Back of the remote display.  This is where you put the batteries in.  You can also see mounting holes should you choose to wall mount the control unit.cln_img_0735Along with having mounting holes, the remote display also has legs if you decide to place it on a flat surface.  This picture also shows the connection for the included power cable if you choose to use that.cln_img_0739A look at the undersize of the weighing platform.  The scale has four rubberized feet.  The feet move a bit to assist in leveling the scale platform out.cln_img_0740This picture shows one of the feet slightly angled.  I’m holding that down to show that the feet move.cln_img_0744This is grain scale and is not intended to weigh smaller weight items.  A Precision Small Scale is available to weigh hops and such.  At the time I took this photo, I only had smaller calibration weights.  Here are 4 smaller weights (a total of .4 kg) weighing out at .41 kg.  Poor little weights.cln_img_0812I sourced a larger 1 kg calibration weight for this review.  I want the caption on this photo to be… “That’s not a calibration weight.  This is a calibration weight”cln_img_0816Here’s the 1 kg weight reading… 1 kg.  Whammo.cln_img_0746One of the big benefits of this scale is the large weighing platform.  Here is a 6 gallon bucket on the platform.  Plenty of room.cln_img_0748With the bucket centered-ish on the platform, you can see there’s plenty of room.  Even if you used something larger than a bucket, you’d probably still be okay.  The remote display means you can continue to read and control the scale even when you’re weighing larger objects.cln_img_0808A side by side size comparison vs my previous grain scale.cln_img_0750Here’s the tare feature in action.  Weigh the container you’re going to use.  Hit the tare button and the scale zeroes out.  That allows you to weigh the contents without factoring in the container weight.cln_img_0833Weighing half of the grain bill for a small batch brew of Great Fermentations “Piney the Welder” kit.


The Anvil Large Platform scale was designed with home brewing in mind.  It’s well made, accurate and looks great.  It has some thoughtful touches and sports all of the features that an all grain brewer needs to easily and accurately weigh grain.

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Thanks to Great Fermentations and Blichmann Engineering for providing me with this scale to try out.

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