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Homebrew Finds features loads of how-to’s, tips, reviews, resources posts and more. We attempt to identify our top content through two lists of resources.

Together those two lists highlight some of the best homebrewing related information on the Internet.

Having said this, what we think is great, may not match exactly what homebrewers around the world think is great.  So, this page, shows our top content based on traffic.  The people of earth have voted and here are the homebrewing resources they’re most interested in!

This list is periodically updated to reflect our most popular content by traffic.

Our Top Resources, Tips & How-To’s

  1. Star San Tips, Tricks and Guidelines – Using Star San In a Spray Bottle
  2. What’s the Difference Between Ball Lock Kegs and Pin Lock Kegs?
  3. Build a Spunding Valve!
  4. Toasting your own Wood Chips
  5. Vacuum Sealing Mylar Bags
  6. Recirculating Draft Line Cleaning Build
  7. Kegging CO2 Use Estimations and Calculations
  8. Step by Step Balancing Your Kegerator Draft System
  9. Storage Options! – Base Grain, Specialty Grain and DME
  10. Homebrewing Spreadsheets – Brewing Spreadsheet, Brew in a Bag and Small Batch
  11. My Brewing Spreadsheet
  12. Step by Step: Finding and Fixing Keg CO2 Leaks
  13. Bulk Keg Orings and Keg Repair Part Numbers
  14. Upgrade Your Kegerator – 6 Improvements
  15. What’s the Shelf Life of Star San? – Testing Star San’s Effectiveness
  16. Our Top Homebrewing Deals Page
  17. Build a DuoTight CO2 Gas Manifold! – for Kegland EVABarrier Tubing
  18. Homebrew CO2 Tank Tips – New or Used & Tank Size
  19. Kegerator Temperature Probe Placement – To Immerse or Not To Immerse? – three tests to determine optimal placement
  20. Kegerator Beer Line Temperatures & Reducing Foam with a Recirculating Fan
  21. BIAB Brew Day Spreadsheet – Water Calculations + Narrative Directions
  22. What Does a Flow Control Faucet Do?
  23. Finding the Conan Strain of Yeast
  24. Rebuilding & Reconditioning Homebrew Kegs!
  25. Homebrewer’s Gift Guide!
  26. Install a Priming and Purging Port for Easy Homebrew Pump Operation
  27. Finding Used 5 Gallon Whiskey Barrels for Your Homebrew!
  28. Fix It! Repairing Loose Cornelius Keg Handles and Bases
  29. Small Batch, All Grain Stove Top Brewing + Water Calculation Spreadsheet
  30. Oxygen Free Transfer and Cold Crash Using a Spunding Valve

Our Top Homebrew Reviews

  1. Hands on Review: Tilt Bluetooth Fermentation Hydrometer
  2. Hands on Review: Anvil Foundry Brewing System!
  3. Hands on Review: Brewfather App – Recipe Formulation, Calculators & Brew Day Tools
  4. Hands on Review: Inkbird ITC-308 Dual Stage Temperature Controller
  5. Hands on Review: Kegland Cannular Bench Top Can Seamer – Can Your Homebrew!
  6. Hands on Review: Brewer’s Edge Mash & Boil Electric Brewery
  7. Hands on Review: Robobrew All Grain Brewing System
  8. Hands on Review: Northern Brewer Anti-Gravity Transfer Pump
  9. Hands on Review: Kegland DuoTight Fittings & EVABarrier Tubing!
  10. Hands on Review: Tapcooler Counter Pressure Bottle Filler for Forward Sealing Faucets
  11. Hands on Review: Kegland BlowTie Diaphragm Spunding Valve!
  12. Hands on Review: Fermentasaurus Conical Fermenter
  13. Hands on Review: KOMOS Kegerators! – Designed for Homebrewers
  14. Hands on Review: BrewJacket Immersion Pro
  15. Hands on Review: Anvil Bucket Fermentor
  16. Hands on Review: Plaato Digital Airlock – WiFi Fermentation Analyzer for Homebrewing!
  17. Hands on Review: Spike Conical Fermenters
  18. Hands on Review: Monster Mill MM-3 Grain Mill!
  19. Hands on Review: Vittles Vault Stackable Storage Bins for Homebrew Grain Storage!
  20. Hands on Review: German Made Speidel Fermenters
  21. Hands on Review: Intertap Forward Sealing Faucets and Accessories!
  22. Hands on Review: Icemaster 100 Glycol Chiller with Stainless Bulkheads
  23. Hands on Review: Ss Brewtech InfuSsion Mash Tun
  24. Hands on Review: Spike Flex Fermentor
  25. Hands on Review: Fermonster Fermentors
  26. Hands on Review: BrewBuilt CoolStix
  27. Hands on Review: Ss Brewtech FTSs2 Heating and Cooling System
  28. Hands on Review: Chapman Thermobarrel Stainless Steel Mash Tun
  29. Hands on Review: American Weigh 100g x 0.01g Digital Scale
  30. Hands on Review: Ss Brewtech Brew Bucket Stainless Steel Conical Fermenter

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