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What’s Going On With Keg Prices and Availability?

I have an article on this that explains this in detail and details our situation as it has unfolded. The short answer is… bulk availability of used kegs has become a thing of the past. I could provided you with a lot of reasoning behind that, but one illustration I can give you is that AIH has COMPLETELY REMOVED pages for their used ball lock offerings both singles and four packs. Over the years, these offerings had been some of the most reliable and have often been the best deal around.

$30 kegs are gone. Even if a large cache of used kegs are found in I don’t think we’re going to even come close to the prices we saw 10 years ago. Why would someone sell kegs for $30 or $40 when $80 or $90 is the going rate?

Our roundup has been and will continue to be the spot to find the best deals available…

Black Friday Savings on Kegs!

Kegland Keg Deal via William’s Brewing Sale:

5 Gallon NSF KegLand Keg from William’s Brewing

More Info

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

Our new NSF certified stainless steel five gallon kegs from Keg Land have two ball-lock male quick disconnect fittings that hold pressure even when not connected, allowing you to have several kegs aging while one is tapped. Also referred to as Corny Kegs or Soda Kegs. Precisely made with smooth robotically welded interior welds for ease of cleaning to stringent NSF standards. Made in China.

Features a 3 by 3.5″ oval lid for easy cleaning, and a pressure relief lid mounted valve for safety. An exclusive stainless hang tap is welded onto the inside of the lid to make it easier for you to suspend dry hopping bags and hop infusers. 25″ tall, and 8½” wide. These require 26″ of headspace once you connect ball lock fittings and hoses. Rubber bumpers on top and bottom protect this keg from damage.


Hands on Review: Kegland Ball Lock Kegs!

5 Gallon NSF KegLand Keg – William’s Brewing’s Black Friday Sale

Cornykeg .com

  • Cornykeg.com is discounting their exclusive lineup of brand new kegs by 15% for Black Friday (available right now)
  • This is a rare sale, in fact it’s the first across the board keg sale I can recall.
  • No coupon code required, discounted prices reflected in cart

cornykeg.com brand keg sale!

Save on Premium Remanufactured Kegs

premium refurbished kegs

From Keg Connection…

These premium, remanufactured ball lock kegs are constructed from stainless steel. Given the rising cost of stainless steel and the dwindling supply of high-caliber used kegs, you won’t want to miss out on this deal.

Each keg in our assortment is meticulously renovated. We carry out an exhaustive cleaning, precision polishing, and swap out various o-rings, including those on the lid, PRV, liquid and gas dip tubes, and two additional o-rings for each post. We source our kegs exclusively from top-notch brands such as AEB, SAFER, and CORNELIUS.

For a short time these are on sale for $69.95 as part of a Black Friday Sale. Considering the current climate for keg prices, this is a great deal.

Premium Refurbished Kegs

HBF Reader Save More…  Coupon code HBF5OFF saves you another 5% sitewide.

AIH Kegs and Kegging Black Friday Sale:

homebrewing.org keg black friday sale

Adventures in Homebrewing is discounting kegs and kegging systems by up to $100 as a Black Friday Deal

Keg Slash Price Sale!

Save on Kegland Kegs via SoCal’s Black Friday Sale:

Photo From My Hands on Review

These are fantastic kegs. Check out my Hands on Review

Save 15%… SoCal is taking 15% off everything for Black Friday.

This works with these great kegs!…

Kegland Cornelius (Corny) Keg – Stainless Steel 5 Gallon Ball Lock – via SoCal Brewing Supply, use promo code BLACKFRIDAY

Used Ball Locks Back in Stock at MoreBeer:

Just Back in Stock!

By my count these been out of stock for months. The last time I saw them available was back in around May or June. If history repeats itself, these could sell out quickly. My suggestion is to order sooner rather than later.

Complete Lineup of Kegs at MoreBeer

Highly Rated Premium Refurbished Kegs

18+ Liter Ball Lock Keg | Fully Remanufactured (AEB/SAFER/Cornelius) | SEE DESCRIPTION

The fact is… the era of cheap and readily available used homebrew kegs is… done. I could give you a bunch of reasoning behind that opinion including one of the best sources for used kegs… de-listing used kegs, but I’ve got a regularly updated article on the topic you can check out.

Keg Connection Says…

“People have been receiving these new PREMIUM REMANUFACTURED KEGS and already love them! That’s because there hasn’t been a used keg on the market in this good of condition, EVER. They’re ‘used’ in a literal sense but each of these kegs has undergone an extensive refurbishing process. They have been meticulously cleaned, machine-polished, and fitted with new o-rings including the lid, pressure relief valve, and both liquid and gas dip tubes. Plus, we’ve added two new o-rings on each post.”

  • As of this posting Keg Connection has PREMIUM refurbished kegs for $89.95. Buy four and they drop to $79.99.
  • HBF Reader Save More…  Coupon code HBF5OFF saves you another 5% sitewide.
  • Shipping is a flat rate no matter how many you order to most US addresses.

*Premium Cornelius Keg – or Firestone, 5 Gallon, Ball Lock “PREMIUM GRADE”

9+ Liter Ball Lock Keg | Fully Remanufactured (AEB/SAFER/Cornelius)

Premium Refurbished AEB 5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg, Rubber Handle

Premium Refurbished AEB 5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg, Single Metal Handle

Complete Lineup

Quick Picks…


Cornykeg .com

Keg Connection:

Shipping is a flat fee no matter how much you order to many US addresses


Used Kegs

New Keg Quick Pick:

This recently released kegs are being offered at an introductory price of just $99.99.  Considering shipping is also free to many US addresses, this is a bargain.

As of this update, I think this is the best generally available new keg deal on the market.

Cornelius Keg | Ball Lock Keg | 5 Gallon | Dual Handle | KOMOS® KEG424

New Kegs at MoreBeer…

Complete Lineup of Kegs at MoreBeer – should work with most new keg offerings, excludes Torpedo brand kegs

Adventures in Homebrewing:

Shipping Sweet Spot Estimations…

For these kegs, shipping is calculated based on where you live. Here’s what I’m seeing…

  • 1 keg – $14.58, $14.58 per keg shipping – $65.56 per keg shipped
  • 2 kegs – $18.27, $9.14 per keg shipping – $64.12 per keg shipped
  • 3 kegs, $20.32, $6.77 per keg shipping – $61.75 per keg shipped
  • 4 kegs (4 x singles) – $22.29, $5.57 per keg shipping – $60.55 per keg shipped
  • 4 kegs (4 pack) – $40.20, $10.05 per keg shipping – $59.80 per keg shipped
  • 5 kegs – $40.20…. $8.04 per keg (per keg shipping costs go up!) – $63.20 per keg shipped

These costs are for me for ball lock offerings. Costs should be similar for all other offerings as well. This will vary based on location.

More Deals:

Free shipping offers apply to addresses in the contiguous US


Recently featured Amazon keg deals, check product pages for current price & availability

Keg Outlet:

Keg Outlet has buy 3, get 1 free kegs. Choose from either brand new AMCYL kegs or refurbished corny kegs.

No coupon is needed, discount automatically reflected at checkout.

For a short time, Keg Outlet is buy 3, get 1 free kegs. Choose from either brand new AMCYL kegs or refurbished corny kegs.

No coupon is needed, discount automatically reflected at checkout.

Austin Homebrew Supply:

Free shipping offer applies to addresses in the contiguous US


This seller on eBay can have some great deals

Keg Pricing Commentary:

It’s a fact… keg prices have been going up. Sometimes way up. For example, this AEB keg spiked up to $179.99. New 5 Gallon Kegs at AIH have gone up drastically in the past year. Pin lock prices have skyrocketed. This Pin Lock offering had been selling for $45 before it nearly doubled to $85.

If you’re in need of kegs or will be in the near future, I think now is the time to buy.

Pin Lock Keg Pricing Commentary:

There’s been a real reversal in used keg pricing. For example, see MoreBeer’s Pin Lock Offering.  I’m guessing this is related to availability. New pin lock kegs are not coming into the homebrewing market and we’ve finally hit an availability wall. Along those lines, this is the best deal I’m aware of for a pin lock keg. If you’re a devoted pin lock user, now is the time to pick some up.

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