Serve Homebrew on Any Kegerator & Convert Commercial Kegerator to Homebrew

convert sanke to homebrew

Homebrew and Commercial Kegerators do the same thing.  They chill beer and allow you to serve it.  Each has lines for gas (typically CO2) and beer.  The only difficult thing about switching back and forth are the fittings and taps.

Commercial kegs use commercial keg couplers or taps.  These taps vary based on the brewery.  A typical style for US kegs is Sanke type D.  Commercial taps typically handle liquid and gas in single unit while homebrew couplers separate these out into gas and liquid quick disconnects.

Fortunately fittings exist to easily switch back and forth between common commercial and homebrew coupler styles.

Sanke Coupler to Ball Lock – Serve Commercial Kegs on a Homebrew Kegerators

These allow you to attach ball lock QDs to a Sankey style tap so that you can serve a commercial keg on your homebrew kegerator.  You need one beer side fitting and one gas side fitting to do this.  These work with ball lock kegs only, I’m not aware of similar pin lock keg fittings.  That’s not a huge deal even if you typically use pin lock kegs.  Just grab a set of ball lock QDs to use with these fittings.


Note that if you’re a pin lock keg user, you will need to use ball locks for these converters.  Just grab a pair of Ball Lock QDs when you’re putting in your William’s Brewing order.

Sanke to Flare Adapter – Serve Commercial Kegs on a Homebrew Kegerators

This special converter fitting allows you to easily convert back and forth between commercial kegs and homebrew style cornelius kegs with ease. They fit on the beer or gas side of a sanke tap, and instead of the standard clamped line connection that can’t be changed, allow use to connect via a male flare swivel thread. Male flare is the same style of fitting found on homebrew quick disconnects.

Kegland Sanke to Flare Adapter – 1/4″ Male Flare D1726 – via MoreBeer

1/4″ FFL to Beer Nut Adaptor – Serve Homebrew Kegs on Commercial Kegerators

1/4" FFL to Beer Nut Adaptor (SS)

This allows you to easily convert commercial beer thread to flare ball lock or pin lock QDs.

1/4″ FFL to Beer Nut Adaptor (SS) – via Adventures in Homebrewing

DuoTight Fittings! – Easily Convert Back and Forth Between All Keg Types

Duotight Push-In Fitting - 9.5 mm (3/8 in.) x Female Beer Thread DUO117DuoTight fittings work with EVABarrier Tubing.  This well designed modular system makes it very easy to switch between pin lock, ball lock and commercial kegs.

The pictured fitting connects to Sanke Couplers to easily serve sanke kegs

Duotight Push-In Fitting – 9.5 mm (3/8 in.) x Female Beer Thread DUO117 – via MoreBeer

More DuoTight…

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