Hands On Review: Brand New Kegs from Adventures in Homebrewing

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Hands on Review AIH’s Brand New Ball Lock Kegs

Adventures in Homebrewing produces a line of brand new ball lock kegs.  These are AIH’s own design. They are also branded “Old Ale Supply Company”.  These are available in a number of sizes from both Adventures in Homebrewing and Austin Homebrew Supply.

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  • As of this posting, AIH has these on sale for $89.98. That’s a $25.01 savings.
  • For some pricing clarity… these are actually less expensive per keg compared to the two pack. Not sure if this is a pricing error, but… get it while you can.
  • No coupon code required.

AIH New 5 Gallon Corny Keg Ball Lock

Check Current Pricing and Availability, Review Continues Below:

Also available at Austin Homebrew Supply:


Adventures in Homebrewing Keg

Adventures in Homebrewing Keg ReviewA look at the top of the keg.  This is a double handle rubber top and rubber bottom keg.  This designed is generally preferred to single handle strap designs as it’s easier to carry, stackable and the two handles mean the keg can be inverted for draining after cleaning or sanitizing.Adventures in Homebrewing Keg ReviewStamp on the side of the side of the keg reads… Max WP 130 PSI [900 kpa], Cap 5 US GAL [19].  Guessing WP = working pressure,

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AIH New 5 Gallon Corny Keg Ball LockMy keg came from the first batch that was in the process of being NSF certified.  Since then that process has been completed.  This photo (stock image from AIH) shows NSF and ISO 9001 certification stamps.Adventures in Homebrewing Keg ReviewBottom of the kegAdventures in Homebrewing Keg ReviewThere was a little bit of what I would call rubber residue.  Not a lot, but some.  Guessing this will wear or scrub off.  Maybe this is common for brand new kegs, I’ve never owned one before this.Adventures in Homebrewing Ball Lock KegfInside of the keg.  Looks great.Adventures in Homebrewing Ball Lock Keg PartsParts and pieces.  Left side is liquid, right side is gas.  The lid oring is white.  If I had to guess, I’d say it’s a white silicone.  It doesn’t feel like Buna-N.

How To Adjust Universal Poppets for Proper Fit

Adventures in Homebrewing Ball Lock KegLiquid dip tubeAdventures in Homebrewing Ball Lock KegfClose up on the gas sideAdventures in Homebrewing Ball Lock KegfThe keg uses universal style poppets.Adventures in Homebrewing Ball Lock KegClose up of the lid.

What’s the Difference? Pin Lock vs Ball Lock

Homebrew keg reviewKegging a Pale AleNew Ball Lock Homebrew KegPressurized, sealed up and sprayed down with Star San to check for leaks.  No leaks in sight.Adventures in Homebrew Ball LockIn my kegerator


I purchased my original keg in of 2015.  I’ve added to my collection since, including a 2.5 gallon version.  These are the nicest  ball lock kegs I’ve owned.  They are high quality, look great and work great.  Their quality rivals my Cornelius-type brand kegs and since these are brand new, you don’t have to worry about leaks or rebuilding.  I’m also glad AIH went to the time and expense to get these NSF certified.

Depending on retail price (it can sometimes by had for $75) I’d call it a stellar value.  Shipping may be an additional cost depending on size.  Play around with different quantities as minimum shipping charges make those costs a bit odd.  It usually doesn’t cost much more to ship a second, third or fourth keg.

Check Current Pricing and Availability, Review Continues Below:

Also available at Austin Homebrew Supply:


More About Small 3 to 1.75 Gallon Sizes

Although these kegs are smaller, they generally sell for more than their 5 gallon counterparts.  That’s especially true in the used keg market.  Smaller kegs are more rare and thus more costly.  In contract AIH typically sells smaller kegs for the same or similar price as their 5 gallon model.

Why Smaller Kegs?  These kegs are great for splitting batches, small batch brewers, doing one-off beers from split from a 5 gallon batch… or for easily serving on the go.  Purge with CO2, fill from your tap and place in ice in a 5 gallon bucket…. whammo!

Should I buy a New Keg or a Used Keg?

Used kegs are generally sourced from soda bottlers.  They are built with commercial use in mind and designed to last for many years of rough duty service.

Brand new ball locks may not be made to the same standards.  However… We also don’t generally put our kegs through the same abuse that a soda distributor would.

Not withstanding price.  I think both options are valid.  If you’re up for a little elbow grease and replacing a few parts, used may be the way to go, if you’re more interested in convenience brand new is a good choice.  Practically, at least as of this posting, I think price will cause many to go the used route.

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  1. Adam

    I picked up a few of the 2.5 gallon. They have been really great kegs. They take a bit of cleaning when you get them to clean off all the oil from manufacturing, but nothing terrible. My local shop sells refurb ball lock for $50, so $75 for brand new is a great deal!


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