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Keg Pricing Commentary:

It’s a fact… keg prices have been going up. The AEB issue I highlighted is one, but I could give you example after example. Some more examples New 5 Gallon Kegs at AIH have gone up drastically in the past year. Pin lock prices have skyrocketed. This Pin Lock offering had been selling for $45 before it nearly doubled to $85.

If you’re in need of kegs or will be in the near future, I think now is the time to buy.

Adventures in Homebrewing:

+ 20% Off One Item, See Note…

20% Off Any Single Item at Adventures in Homebrewing! – remember promo code FERMENT

NOTE: In order for this to work, you need to add something from this page first. This is the lowest priced item. That enables the promo to be applied to kegs. If you want more than one keg at this price, the four pack counts as a single item.

Free shipping offer applies to addresses in the contiguous US


Austin Homebrew Supply:

$31.99 Single Handle Ball Lock Kegs

  • These are selling for $39.99.
  • Save 20%: Austin Homebrew Supply is discounting any single item by 20%.
  • Some restrictions apply, order must use coupon code FERMENT must be applied to cart at checkout.
  • That makes this keg just $31.99
  • More Stacking Deals: Promo Eligible Items

Ball Lock Keg Single Handle (Used) – 5 gallon – remember promo code FERMENT


By the time you factor in shipping, you may be better off with the double handle options, since they qualify for free shipping.

5 Gallon Cornelius Keg (Ball Lock) Used OR 4 pack – $45 per keg + free ship eligible

Best Deal on Pin Locks…

Pin Lock Pricing Commentary: There’s been a real reversal in used keg pricing. For example, see MoreBeer’s Pin Lock Offering.  I’m guessing this is related to availability. New pin lock kegs are not coming into the homebrewing market and we’ve finally hit an availability wall. Along those lines, this is the best deal I’m aware of for a pin lock keg. If you’re a devoted pin lock user, now is the time to pick some up.

Pin Lock Keg – $47.99 with promo code FERMENT

More Deals for AHS

Free shipping offer applies to addresses in the contiguous US

Keg Connection:


This seller on eBay can have some great deals

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