Food Safe Replacement Keg O-Rings in Bulk

Food Safe Replacement Keg O-Rings

Our resource post on o-ring part #s has been a go-to for years.  Grab the a link to that resource below.

The problem: At one point I had an o-ring manufacturer reach out to me that had found this resource while trying to do some market research.  This manufacturer suggested that many of the products that homebrewer’s use are made out of industrial grade materials that should not be in contact with food & beverage products.  These materials could potentially contain materials that are not meant to be ingested.

Okay, that’s a little concerning.  It was at this point that I added a section to that resource that talked about the issue.  I also started adding disclaimers to posts when I was unsure whether or not materials were food grade.

The next problem: For whatever reason, in my experience, it’s extremely difficult to find offerings that claim to be safe for food contact.  Maybe some of the o-rings that are available are food safe, but very few are actually labeled as such.

But why?  One possible reason… they aren’t food safe.  Beyond that, one industry insider I spoke with said suppliers have a potential problem with fulfillment.  Since many options and materials are available, It’s difficult for some distributors or sellers to guarantee you’re getting a food safe option.

  • Just because an o-ring is marketed for use in a keg doesn’t automatically mean that the materials and production processes used are food safe.
  •  If you think about it from a random supplier or manufacturer’s perspective… they don’t know what you’re putting in your keg, maybe it’s not even food.  The problem that we, as homebrewers, have is is… beer is food and meant for human consumption.
  • You cannot say all o-rings made from [fill in material here] are food safe.  Certain quality standards and processes are required.

The fact is we’re putting beer (food) in our kegs.

Finally a food safe option!  Valuebrew has a selection of food grade o-rings.  They also have replacement universal poppet o-rings and internal QD o-rings, also food grade.

Bulk pricing!  As of this posting, all options are available in bulk quantities at a steep discount when compared to buying single o-rings.

Food Safe Silicone Keg O-Rings at Valuebrew

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