Step by Step Temperature Build Using the STC/ITC-1000

Inkbird All-Purpose Digital Temperature Controller Fahrenheit &Centigrade Thermostat w Sensor 2 Relays

Inkbird ITC-1000 Dual Stage Digital Temp Controller by Inkbird.  110 V, Dual Stage – can control a heating and cooling device.  Alternatively, it can control a heating or a cooling device.  This controller displays in Fahrenheit or Celsius.  Alarm indicates sensor failure or high temperature.

Use to help control temperature of your kegerator, fermentation chamber or as part of your brew system.  Note that this is an unwired controller and will require some work to implement in your project.  See: ITC-1000 Step by Step Build for one possible configuration.

STC-1000/ITC-1000 – The STC-1000 was (and probably still is) a great controller, arguably the best value in temperature controllers, especially if you’re on the handy side.  The ITC-1000 is what I would call and upgrade to the STC-1000.  The big upgrade is that the ITC-1000 display ins deg F and deg C, where most versions of the STC-1000 were deg C display only.  Beyond there, it’s my understanding that there are some usability improvements in the ITC-1000.

If you’re looking for a pre-wired temp controller, consider – ITC-308 – [Review]

Inkbird All-Purpose Digital Temperature Controller Fahrenheit &Centigrade Thermostat w Sensor 2 Relays – via Amazon

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How to Build a Temperature Controller for the AHA

The American Homebrewers Association has a great write up on a step by step build out of an STC-1000/ITC-1000 Temperature Controller Build.  It includes a parts list, pictures and diagrams along with a step by step how to for getting this going.

Check it out: How to Build a Temperature Controller

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Inkbird ITC-308 – Dual Stage Digital Temperature Controller | Review | Inkbird Deals


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