Homebrew Finds for Canadian Homebrewers!

BEERSMITH 2Pictured: Electronic Activation Key for BeerSmith 2 via Brew Hardware – electronic delivery

The majority of Homebrew Finds Readers are from the US.  Having said that we do have a good number of readers from Canada.  If you are from Canada, you may be thinking, what’s here for me?  Plenty!

Resource Posts and Reviews:  Many of our Top Posts, Tips, Third Party Resources and Reviews apply exactly the same regardless of geographic location.  You may have to find an item at a different vendor, but the knowledge is the same no matter how you spell the word check 🙂

MoreBeer: Ships to Canada – MoreBeer’s Shipping Policies – Sale & Clearance Items at MoreBeer | Recent Finds

Adventures in Homebrewing: AIH ships to Canadian addresses – Sale Items | Recent Finds

Amazon Items: Some Amazon items will ship to Canadian addresses.  Note that some Amazon links may be automatically redirected to Amazon.ca if a similar product exists on that site.  Unless otherwise noted, prices mentioned are for US offerings – Recent Homebrew and Craft Beer Related Amazon Finds

eBay: Some eBay items ship to Canadian Addresses – Recent Homebrew and Craft Beer Related eBay Finds

ThermoWorks:  ThermoWorks has generally reasonable shipping to Canada addresses – ThermoWorks & Thermapen – Deals, Discounts and Coupons  we can also get you an additional 10% off.

BeerSmith via Brew Hardware: Electronic Activation key that can be emailed worldwide

GrogTag: Sells custom (and reusable) labels for bottles, kegs and carboys and lots more including custom coasters, tap handles, six pack carriers and more.  We generally have an ongoing GrogTag discount that we can offering you.  GrogTag – Custom Labels – Current Deals, Discounts and Coupons

American Homebrewers Association: The AHA has International Membership options.  Among the other benefits of AHA membership, this allows you to purchase tickets to homebrewcon and GABF.  We often have a deal for AHA membership – American Homebrewers Association [AHA] Membership Deals, Discounts, Coupons and Promotions

Homebrew Finds Spreadsheets: We have a number of spreadsheets to help you calculate water temperature, volume and more – Homebrewing Spreadsheets – Brewing Spreadsheet, Brew in a Bag and Small Batch

Search:  Search for posts – results will include both up to date and expired finds.  Check product and sale pages for current prices and availability.

What Else?  We also accept tips for Canada-specific Finds.  Deals should have wide appeal and be available to most Canadians.  Submit a Tip

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