Using a Flow Meter for Oxygenating Wort

Oxygen Flow Meter w/ Duotight Fittings FE401Pictured: Oxygen Flow Meter w/ Duotight Fittings FE401 via MoreBeer

Most oxygen regulators that homebrewers use for oxygenating wort are simple setups – Example.  They attach to disposable oxygen tanks (typically sourced from a local hardware store) and are little more than on and off valves.  No gauges, no pressure control (other than the degree to which you open and close the valve) and no flow control.

Time and rate give you an idea of how much oxygen you’re really adding to your wort.  Time is easy to track.  Rate, not so much, at least with typical homebrew O2 regulators.  If you want more or less oxygen for your next batch, it’s mostly a guessing game.

Knowing flow rate gives you the missing piece to the puzze. This allows you to know what rate of oxygen is going into your wort.

The model pictured is from Kegland and uses EVABarrier tubing. If you’re not an EVABarrier and DuoTight user, no big deal, it’s really not necessary. Just grab some EVABarrier tubing to use with this.

Note that a lot of the oxygen flow meters on the market these are typically used for medical applications.  You will need to figure out tubing and connections to your existing regulator and aeration/oxygenation stone.


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