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Announcing: White Labs Marañon Canyon Wild Cacao Yeast (was thought to be extinct!)


This yeast was isolated from the thought to be extinct Pure Nacional variety of cacao. In 2007, this rare variety with white beans was rediscovered in the remote Maran River Canyon in Peru. The fruity, phenolic, and wild-like characteristics of this strain make it an ideal choice for farmhouse and saison-style beers.


Announcing: Fermentis All In One Yeasts


Sometimes a single micro-organism is not enough. Fermentis All-In-1™ is a new line of yeast developed with other micro-organisms, typically a mix of yeast and enzymes, which when combined, achieve higher sugar attenuation, for stronger and drier beers.


Announcing: Lallemand Go-Ferm Sterol Flash Yeast Rehydration Nutrient

Lallemand | Go-Ferm Sterol Flash™ | Yeast Rehydration Nutrient

Lallemand | Go-Ferm Sterol Flash™ | Yeast Rehydration Nutrient

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

  • Improves fermentation kinetics and aroma production
  • Allows yeast to be rehydrated in cool water (60°F) without any loss of viability or vitality
  • Eliminates the need for acclimatization steps—rehydrated yeast can be added directly to juice or must after 15 minutes
  • Requires 50% less water than Go-Ferm™ or Go-Ferm Protect Evolution™
  • Non-clumping, instantly disperses in cool water

Go-Ferm Sterol Flash™ is a revolutionary new yeast rehydration nutrient that is fast, simple to use, and saves time, labor, and water without compromising on yeast viability and vitality. Derived from autolyzed yeast, Go-Ferm Sterol Flash™ provides optimized levels of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and extremely high levels of survival factors including sterols and unsaturated fatty acids.

Go-Ferm Sterol Flash™ has the highest bioavailability of sterols and is produced with a specific Lallemand micro agglomerated process, for instant dispersion during the rehydration step. When suspended in cool water, the high content of sterols are quickly released and integrated in the yeast membrane within 15 minutes. The high content of sterols reinforces the permeability and fluidity of the yeast membrane. Go-Ferm Sterol Flash™ increases yeast viability, yeast vitality, and optimizes wine yeast aroma precursors assimilation under any conditions in red, rose, and white wine fermentation. With Go-Ferm Sterol Flash™, no yeast acclimatization steps are required before inoculation in must. Go-Ferm Sterol Flash™ is a revolutionary yeast rehydration protector with instant dispersion in cool water for a more reliable alcoholic fermentation and wine yeast sensory impact.

Use at a rate of 1.25 g Go-Ferm Protect per 1 g of yeast.

A rough approximate of weight is 1 tsp = 3.2 grams. We highly recommend using a scale to weigh the product for an accurate dose. We do not recommend relying on these rough conversions for accurate dosage rates.

Fermentis | SafeAle™ F-2 Bottle Conditioning | Dry Beer Yeast | 25 g

Limited Availability… Imperial L25 Hygge Lager Yeast

imperial l25 hygge yeast

Crispy lager lovers, rejoice! Back by popular demand, Imperial’s L25 Hygge (hyoo-guh) is back for a limited time! This northern European lager used complements significant hop additions in styles like pilsners, and the cooler weather is the perfect time to get a lager batch brewing. There’s nothing better than settling into the warmth and comfort of the season than a cold lager with friends by the fire, and this crisp offering will bring those vibes!

Imperial Yeast’s Pitch Right pouches are jam-packed with 200 billion fresh yeast cells, guaranteed to deliver flawless, fast fermentations, every time. We are excited to carry a lineup of their revolutionary liquid yeasts that boast a higher cell count than other brewing yeasts. Their yeasts are grown by a team of pro brewers and homebrewers in Portland, Oregon, who live to help brewers learn more and ferment better. Imperial Yeast is also the only homebrew yeast that’s USDA-certified.

Imperial Yeast L25 Hygge Lager Yeast – Seasonal Limited Release

Buy 2, Get 1 Free Yeast at SoCal Brewing Supply

  • For a limited time SoCal Brewing Supply is has buy 2, get on 1 free yeast.
  • No coupon code required, just add 3 yeasts to your cart
  • Shipping is also free to many US addresses with some exclusions for orders of $99 or more.

SoCal Brewing Yeast Sale – just add 3 yeasts to your cart

Announcing F-2 Bottle Conditioning Yeast

Fermentis | SafeAle™ F-2 Bottle Conditioning | Dry Beer Yeast | 25 g

Fermentis | SafeAle™ F-2 Bottle Conditioning | Dry Beer Yeast | 25 g

  • F-2 was specifically selected for secondary fermentation in bottle and in cask
  • Neutral aroma profile and high alcohol resistance make it perfect for refermentation bottle conditioning
  • Sticks well at the bottom of the bottles/casks
  • Fermentis active dry yeast offers reliability, ease-of-use, and consistency to home and professional beverage makers across the world

SafAle™ F-2 is specifically selected for secondary fermentation in bottle and in cask. This yeast assimilates very little maltotriose but assimilates basic sugars (glucose, fructose, saccharose, maltose) and is characterized by a neutral aroma profile respecting the base beer character. Its neutral aroma profile, high alcohol resistance and stickiness characteristics make it a perfect match for consistent re-fermentation in bottle and cask.

SafAle™ F-2 resists to high alcohol levels (>10% v/v) and allows brewers to obtain all the properties of refermentation such as:

  • Beer preservation thanks to oxygen trapping
  • Contribution in roundness and maturation aromas
  • Carbonation
  • Sticks well at the bottom of the bottles/casks and forms a nice haze when it is resuspended

See product page for usage instructions

Fermentis | SafeAle™ F-2 Bottle Conditioning | Dry Beer Yeast | 25 g DY37

Announcing: AEB Yeast Now Available to US Homebrewers:

William’s Brewing has announced the availability of AEB Dry Brewing Yeasts. Choose from Fermolager W, Fermoale New-E NEIPA, Fermoale AY3 Ale Yeast and Fermoale AY4 Ale Yeast.

AEB Yeast at William’s Brewing

William’s Brewing Yeast Deals:

William’s Brewing has a number of yeast deals going on. Shipping is free or reasonably priced flat rate to addresses in the contiguous US depending on your order size for most items.

  • For a limited time William’s is discounting these to $3.49 as an introductory special
  • Shipping is free or reasonably priced flat rate to addresses in the contiguous US depending on your order size for most items.

AEB Yeast at William’s Brewing

Yeast Sale at Label Peelers + Free Shipping, No Minimumhoembrew yeast deal

  • FREE Shipping, No Minimum: As of this posting label Peelers is shipping most varieties of dry yeast for free with no minimum.
  • Applies to addresses in the contiguous US.  This is a great deal!  Check Label Peelers for current availability and pricing.

Fermentis Yeast – Lallemand YeastSearch “Dry Yeast”

Wyeast Private Culture Collection Strains Available:

About Wyeast’s Private Culture Collection, from Wyeast:

From summer sours to winter warmers, we aim to capture the feel and flavor of each season in our unique Private Collection releases. These exclusive strains are either selected from our extensive culture collection or a little something experimental we’ve been working on, but they are always a limited release. Explore this season’s strains below.

PCC Wyeast Labs Strains at William’s Brewing

Safale S04 and US-05 Listings

Prices and availability can change quickly.  Check product page for current info – More About Prices

William’s Brewing Expired or Soon Expiring Yeast Sale:

  • William’s Brewing periodically discounts expired or soon expiring yeasts
  • Check Clearance Page for current selection and availability.
  • Shipping is free or reasonably priced flat rate to addresses in the contiguous US depending on your order size for most items.

William’s Says… “We have a few dry yeasts in inventory that are past their best by date, but are still viable. These range from a best by date of 11/22 to 2/23, and have been stored refrigerated since we received them. While limited supplies last.”

Web Only Clearance

Our Kveik Page:

Kveik Strains – Ferment Clean at Warmer Temps – Imperial Lokia, Hornindal & Bootleg Biology OSLO & More

Our US-05 Deal Page:

One of our Top Amazon Finds of 2023!… THREE x Safale US-05 Yeast – $10.49, $3.50 each + free prime ship

Our S-04 Deal Page:

3 x Safale s-04 English Yeast

Announcing: White Labs DRY California Ale Yeast

Dry White Labs WLP001 California Ale Yeast

Dry White Labs WLP001 California Ale Yeast from William’s Brewing

This is the strain used by many West Coast craft brewers. Produces a clean and crisp tasting ale, and settles out well. Ideal temperature range: 68° to 72° F. Flocculation medium, alcohol tolerance: high.

Now in a new dry form for convenience and longer term storage. 11 gram pack.

Dry White Labs WLP001 California Ale Yeast

Announcing: Cellar Science BAJA Yeast

cellarscience baja dry yeast

If you’re looking for a cold fermenting yeast with a neutral character, BAJA from CellarScience is the perfect candidate. Originally developed and popularized by the Modelo Group, this Mexican yeast strain will produce clean, crisp lagers and finishes dry. Allowing for the balanced expression of malt and hops, BAJA will become your go-to yeast for fermenting Mexican-style light lagers, dark lagers, and cold IPAs.

Every batch is PCR tested to ensure contamination free yeast.

Two sachets are enough to treat a 5–6 gallon batch. When calculating for larger batches, use at a rate of 2.5–4 grams per gallon of wort. We recommend rounding up by one full sachet rather than measuring out the yeast exactly.

Direct Pitch or Rehydrate:
BAJA yeast can be direct pitched with great results by sprinkling it onto the surface of the wort in your fermenter. However, proper hydration helps ensure a healthy fermentation and is especially recommended for beer with a starting gravity above 15°P (1.061 SG). To hydrate yeast, first sanitize the yeast pack and a pair of scissors. Boil tap water to sterilize and then cool to 85-95°F (29-35°C). Use 10 grams (0.35 oz) of water per gram of yeast. Sprinkle the yeast onto the water, allow the slurry to stand undisturbed for 20 minutes, and then swirl. Use small amounts of wort to adjust the temperature of the slurry to within 10°F (6°C) of the wort temp before pitching. Ferment between 50-57°F (10-14°C).

Optimum Fermentation Temp: 50-57°F
Flocculation: Medium-high
Alcohol Tolerance: 9% ABV
Attenuation: 78-85%
Similar Strains: WLP940
Gluten-freeCellarScience Yeast:

For years liquid yeast has been sold as the higher quality option but times are changing. Yes, 20 years ago dry yeast was made by bread yeast producers and the quality was not as good as liquid yeast. CellarScience is helping to flip that script with the release of five high quality dry yeasts. Cell count and viability is usually higher than commercial liquid yeast pitches, which vary from pouch to pouch and don’t ship well. CellarScience yeast can be pitched directly in most batches of wort, offering significant time savings. Yeast that is quick and easy to use, high quality, and available at a reasonable cost adds up to a tremendous value. Quality yeast that doesn’t “break the brink”.

CellarScience® BAJA Dry Yeast

Announcing: SafBrew™ BR-8 Dry Brettanomyces Yeast

SafBrew™ BR-8 Dry Brettanomyces Yeast

SafBrew™ BR-8 Dry Brettanomyces Yeast

Announcing: Black Project Mixed Sour Culture

The team at Bootleg Biology (An open source yeast project!) is at it again and just released three new strains curated from some of the top tier Sour Beer producers in the United states!

Check out the new strains below or Click Here to see their entire selection of wild yeast and yeast wrangling tools!

Mixed Culture Strains From Bootleg Biology

Announcing: New Apex Dry Yeasts

This new dry yeast is produced in Sweden and comes in two strains, a San Diego Ale designed for crisp American style ales, and a London strain for softer British style ales. Both are designed to be very clean and settle out rapidly for clear beer in the keg or bottle.

  • William’s Brewing carries an extensive line of dry yeasts including Safale, Mangrove Jack’s and Lallemand Strains at generally great prices.
  • Shipping is free or reasonably priced flat rate to addresses in the contiguous US depending on your order size for most items.

Full Selection Dry Yeast

Announcing: Escarpment Labs Yeast Now Available to Homebrewers


Hailing from Ontario Canada, Escarpment Labs is a new player on the yeast scene. They’re team consists of brewers, scientists, and fermentation enthusiasts, who strive to produce high-quality yeast cultures that you can trust!

Escarpment Labs yeast is… tough to find in the US. Up until this point, the only way I know of to get this is to import it from Canada yourself. It’s great to see this available!


Free Shipping on Dry Yeast:

hoembrew yeast deal

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