Hands On Review: More Beer’s Inline Thermometer + Whirlpool Chiller Time Trial

Here’s a look at MoreBeer’s inline thermometer setup.  This is an all stainless setup, with stainless quick disconnects that allows you to place a thermometer inline at any point in your system.

The heart of this unit is a Fermentap Dial Thermometer

Top View.  You can see the all stainless construction and the stainless quick disconnects

Thermometer Calibration Screw

I found the inline thermometer to be well built.  It also served it’s purpose well.  It allows you to check the temperature at a specific point in your process.  I think because liquid is moving past this thermometer, you’re getting a great picture of what the temperature actually is at any given point.

I used this to monitor my chill progress.  Video…

My apologies that this video is a bit shaky at points.  You can watch it for 9 minutes and 12 seconds or just realize that it took 9 minutes and 12 seconds to get to pitching temp.

My batch was about 5.25 Gallons.  It took 9 minutes and 12 seconds to get to 68 degrees.  Add a couple more seconds on from turning the hose on to starting the video.  Ground water temp was 57.7 degrees.  I’d say those are dandy results.

Results will vary based on groundwater temp.  In my initial trials, I was able to get 5.25 gallons of boiling water down to pitching temp in 5 minutes.  Of course, water is easier to chill than wort.

My setup is a 50′ copper immersion chiller (similar to this one) with a recirculation arm along with a this high flow March pump.

Inline Thermometer with Stainless Quick Disconnects WC420

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