Getting a Deal on Bottles for Your Homebrew

New Or Used Bottles?

Using new bottles saves time cleaning bottle labels and insures you have a completely clean and ready to sanitize bottle. I know of some homebrewers that use new bottles for every batch while some use new bottles for competitions and others buy new bottles and re-use time and time again.

Used bottles have the advantage of being cheap or free. De-label, clean and sanitize.

Getting a Deal on New Bottles

Tip: Shop Around

Prices and availability can vary wildly. If you want cases of new bottles, shop around to get the best deal.

Shipping can be expensive

Bottles are heavy and cases of bottles are relatively large. Sometimes they’re large enough to fall under dimensional shipping, which adds cost based on size.

Tip: Don’t discount calculated shipping

Because of potentially high shipping costs, some retailers exclude cases of bottles from free or flat rate shipping programs. What counts is the total cost per bottle delivered to your door. Don’t ignore a retailer solely because shipping is an additional cost.


Tip: Make Friends With The Fine People at Your Local Beer Bar

Head over to your local beer bar and make friends with the bartender. Typically used bottles can be had for free or extremely cheap. When I first started brewing I did this and was able to get loads of heavy, reusable German and Belgian bottles to clean and re-use. I would love to see more people do this, these reusable bottles are generally very well made and some are beautiful.

Tip: Make Friends With Your Local Brewery

Have a great local brewery that bottles?  They most likely buy large quantities. Along those lines their per bottle charge cost is likely much less. Make friends with the brewer and you may just find yourself getting a great deal brand new beer bottles.

PET Trick

PET Bottles weigh a lot less than glass bottles. Often these will have more favorable shipping terms vs their glass counterparts, sometimes, qualifying for for free shipping programs.

De-Labeling Used Bottles

Soaking bottles in warm PBWPBW Tips and Tricksusually makes quick work of removing labels. This is especially true of the returnable bottles mentioned above. Breweries tend to use easier to remove adhesive when they’re planning to clean and re-use bottles themselves.

If you have a label or bits of adhesive that are being stubborn,   Put a little bit of PBW right on a label or adhesive that’s giving you problems and scrub.  The grittiness of the PBW combined with it’s full strength application generally dissolves the label and adhesive in short order.

PBW can be rough on your hands when diluted.  That’s even more true when it’s undiluted.  I recommend using protective gloves when dealing with PBW.

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