Bus Tubs for Brew Day & Beyond – Save Time and Effort When You Homebrew

Bus Tubs HomebrewBus Tubs for Brew Day – A Rubbermaid Commercial Products Bus Tub/Utility Box with a Rubbermaid Commercial High Temp Pitcher and my Brew Day Whisk

Updated: 6/7/2024

Bus Tubs for Brew Day!

  • I use these to cart around gear and ingredients – saving trips back and forth.
  • As brew day starts, I’ll keep a dry/clean bus tub and a wet/needs to be cleaned bus tub.  Having two helps me keep clean things clean.  That means less unnecessary cleaning.
  • If I’m using my pump, I’ll keep one below that.  It catches drips and also offers a place to store wet items such as stirring spoons, mash paddles, my mash stirring whisk and my equally invaluable 1 gallon pitchers.
  • The ridges on the bottom make these a great place to drain and dry just cleaned gear.
  • When these are unused, they stack together to save space and offer a nice place to store brew day items.
  • Another potential use: ice down your favorite beverages for get-togethers.

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These are also the perfect size for storing my Mark’s Keg and Carboy Washer.  Since these are meant to hold wet/damp items you can put it in there while the base and such are still damp.  The tub features ribs at the bottom to help with airflow and drying.To catch drips while canning or bottling. See: Hands on Review: Oktober Design SL1 Can SeamerAnd another to store my RO Filter System – See: Hands on Review: Aquatic Life RO Buddie Reverse Osmosis Filter System – Dial in Your Brewing Water

The 4.625 Gallon Size

A smaller 4.625 gallon size is also available. Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG334900GRAY Standard Bus/Utility Box, 4.625 GalA look at the bottomClose up of the imprintNSF certified logo imprint on the bottomA 4.625 gallon nested inside of a 7.125 gallon tubSize comparison

Side Note – Use for BBQ:

Since these are NSF Rated for Food Contact, I also find them useful to prep meat for smoking and grilling. I have an in depth hands on review of the 4.6 gallon size with that use in mind on my BBQ site.

See: Hands on Review: Rubbermaid Commercial Products Bus Box! – NSF Rated for Food Contact

If you’re an avid BBQ-er and griller like I am, check out my BBQ site BBQ Finds


These commercial quality tubs are well made, versatile and help me save time and frustration. I have a stack of these both 7.1 and 4.6 gallon sizes and use them on brew day, around my home brewery and beyond.  I can heartily recommend them to you after years of use.

Smaller 4.6 Gallon Size

More Options

I’ve found that availability of these can be an issue: Shop Around… Search Amazon for “Commercial Bus Tubs”– to see what’s available

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  1. Eric J

    I love the rubbermaid tubs too. There’s a half-size version available as well, which I like because it easy to carry when full, and its just wide enough to lay down longnecks side-by-side when soaking the labels off.


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