Hands on Review: Tubby “The Lifetime Glassware” Ultimate Beer Pint

It’s not often that I add to my collection of beer glasses. I’ve been a homebrewer and craft beer lover for a good number of years now and have many opportunities to pick up beer glassware. When I ran across these they looked cool and sported some unique features so I wanted to give them a try.

Hands on Review Tubby The Lifetime Glassware – The Ultimate Beer Pint Glass

Front of the box. It reads… Tubby Two hand-blow 16oz glasses

Back of the box. It reads… While on the journey to find the perfect beer glass, our eureka moment hit us – wider and shorter is better for beer. With a Tubby you can smell your beer like you’re standing next to an ocean of craft brew. You can confidently put down your beer wherever you want since it won’t tip over like those silly tall & skinny pint glasses. Our personal favorite part? The rolled rim for ultra-comfy drinking. We hope the Tubby becomes your favorite glass for every beverage. Let us know what you’re drinking @whatsinyourtubby. Cheers, Same and Craig Founders of Tubby

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My two glasses

A closeup of Tubby

Close up of the etched Tubby logo


Size comparison next to a “standard” shaker style pint glass. Also: Go Cubs.

Top down size comparison

Filled with 16 oz of beer

Top view, filled with beer

Of course you can put a cocktail in any glass, but, to me, a standard pint glass doesn’t seem quire right for a cocktail (or actually a beer for that matter :). The shape and feel of the Tubby on the other hand make it well suited to cocktails. This is my take on a Paloma. 2 oz tequila, 2 oz grapefruit juice, dash of salt (in the cocktail), ice, topped with Zevia Grapefruit Citrus. Delicious, low carb and it actually has a few vitamins in it.

If you look closely you can see the rolled rim of this glass. The makers say that the rolled rim makes for ultra-comfy drinking. I never thought I’d describe drinking as ultra-comfy, but I get it. It just has a great feel to it.


In the short time I’ve had these Tubby glasses they have become my go to. They have a nice weight and feel. The wider opening of the glass helps let out aromas. The heavy weight glass is comfortable to hold and the rolled rim feels great with each sip. It’s clear the makers of Tubby set out to design a better beer glass and I think their innovations shine through.

Tubby The Lifetime Glassware - The Ultimate Beer Pint Glass 16 Ounce (Set of Two)

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