3D Printed 6ml Measuring Cup for Measuring Star San

3D Printed Measuring Cup for Star San

I think 3D Printing has a bunch of possible applications for homebrewing.  From tap handles to stir plates to… custom sized measuring cups and on and on.

I stumbled across these customizable measuring cups by wstein on thingiverse.  The author provides files for several sizes of cups and also includes the ability to customize these to the specific size you’re looking for.  See below for links to both the original STL files and a customized 6 ml version.  I thought this would be handy to create a purpose sized measuring cup for Star San.

First, some background… I use the Spray Bottle Method for sanitizing.  With that technique you measure out 6 mls of Star San and combine with 1 Gallon of water.  Then you use a Spray Bottle to soak and sanitize surfaces.  Check out of full description of the method including math for the 6 mls.

On to the measuring cup…

75per_img_7413Printing on my XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer

3D Printing HomebrewingCompleted 6 ml measuring cup.  This is small and didn’t take long to print.  I didn’t record the exact time, but maybe… 20 minutes or so.

Measuring SyringeHere’s the measuring cup next to a 12 cc Syringe

6 ml measuring cupHere is a picture of 6 mls in the cup.  I’d say it’s pretty close.

3D Printed Measuring Cup for Star SanThe cup affixes nicely on the side of a bottle of PBW using a rubber band.

I’d like to come up with a two ended measuring spoon.  One side would be 6 ml for Star San and the other side one ounce for both Star San and PBW.  The 6 ml side would just be for Star San where the one could be used for either Star San or PBW.  Dosing for Star San = 1 ounce per 5 gallons and dosing for PBW = 1 to 3 ounces per gallon.  If you are a design whiz and come up with such a thing, Email Us, and I’ll share your file.  Otherwise, this will have to wait for me to learn Solidworks.

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7 thoughts on “3D Printed 6ml Measuring Cup for Measuring Star San

  1. Rick Sanchez

    Star stan might be okay, but in general you should not use 3d printed parts for any food grade application including brewing because the layer lines are permeable and your unable to clean and sanitize them. Also PLA will deform in dishwasher temperature water.

  2. Tom Hippe

    so who wants to print me one of these and mail it to me ?
    just found my bottle of star san knocked over and spilled in the garage yeserday, ugh.

  3. Anders

    Hi there,
    I see this post is a bit old now so hope it reaches you. How is your experiences with the 3D printed plastics, like PLA, together with Star San and PBW? I have also had the idea of using a 3D printer for lots of parts for beer brewing, but I’ve had experience with Star San melting some plastics. Whats your experience now after using this?

    1. admin Post author

      My printer doesn’t really print pla. It kind of does, but not well. ABS has worked well with star san for me, but I rinse it off right away. I do think it would be an issue if it wasn’t getting rinsed off. I’ve had star san eat away gallon jugs and such.

  4. Chris Frank

    Excellent idea. Now you can custom build a holder that will fix it onto the StarSan bottle. Kickstarter anyone?


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