Hands On Review: Messermeister Take-Apart Scissors – part of my Brew Day Box

Tired of my janky brew day scissors, I looked for a quality alternative.

Enter the Messermeister 8 Inch Take-Apart Kitchen Scissors!


  • 8-Inch take-apart shear rated number 1 by several gourmet magazines; stainless steel construction
  • Functions include a screw driver, nut cracker, jar-lid opener and gripper, bottle opener, and bone and twig cutter
  • Separates for hygienic cleaning and is dishwasher safe
  • Offset style provides a different cutting angle
  • Right or left handed use

In package

Back of the package.  Features Listed: 1.  Perfect for the chef, sportsman, in the workshop or for creative crafting.  2.  Tension Tightening Rivet  3.  Dual Purpose Stainless Edge & Knife  4.  Screwdriver 5.  Jar lid opener and gripper  6.  Bottle Opener  7.  Bone & Twig Cutter  8.  Dishwasher Safe  9.  100% Messermeister quality  10.  Lifetime Warranty

Messermeister – “The Knife for Life”

Just laying there

Bottle opener, caught in the act of opening a Founders KBS – Kentucky Breakfast Stout.  Great Beer!  I gave it a 4.5 on Untappd.

These 8″ scissors are 8″ long!

Probably the most unique feature of these scissors is the fact that they easily come apart for cleaning.  That was a draw for me.  The second most unique feature is the probably the name.  Messermeister just sounds like a pair of scissors that mean business. 🙂

These are great scissors.  They have a quality feel to them and they look and function great.  I like the bottle opener and the fact that these come apart for easy cleaning.  They have earned a spot in my brew day box.

Messermeister 8-Inch Take-Apart Kitchen Scissors – affiliate link, note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

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5 thoughts on “Hands On Review: Messermeister Take-Apart Scissors – part of my Brew Day Box

  1. Anonymous

    Love these scissors. My wife bought them for me several years back as a Christmas gift. Super sharp, great for cooking, and my primary bottle opener. A fantastic price for a multitasking for the kitchen.

  2. Anonymous

    Come on, you did this Hands On just to have an excuse to crack open some KBS, which of course any excuse would be a good excuse

  3. thadius856

    Also available in green, yellow and blue handles on Amazon. Probably additional colors elsewhere.

    In for one. Thanks!


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