Hands On Review: Emsa Perfect Beaker

I’ve used the Emsa Perfect Beaker for homebrewing for several years.  Here are some pictures, details and impressions.

ML/cubic centimeter scale.  Measures 30 ML/CCM to 500 ML/CCM.

Pint Scale.  Measures 1/2 Pint to 1 Pint.

Tablespoon Scale.  Measures 2 Tablespoons to 32 Tablespoons.

Teaspoon Scale.  Measures 6 Teaspoons to 100 Teaspoons.

Cups Scale.  Measures 1/8 Cup to 2 Cups.

Ounce Scale.  Measures 1 Ounce to 16 Ounces.

The Emsa Perfect Beaker includes a snug fitting lid

I’ve found that lid to be watertight.  As this picture shows.

Stock Photo

Features: Works with liquid or dry ingredients.  Tight fitting lid. Narrow base ensures accurate measurements even in small quantities.  Six different measuring scales.  Top Rack Dishwasher safe.  Made in Germany.

I’ve used this same beaker around my home brewery since March of 2009.  It’s a handy, well made and versatile measuring cup.

Emsa Perfect Beaker with Seal – available with or without lid/seal

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