9 thoughts on “Northern Brewer: The Bubbler Fermenter

  1. Flip

    These are literally $1 cheaper than Better Bottle on Northern Brewer’s website. What’s the point?

  2. Anonymous

    orange peel texture on the bottom and everything, wow these things might actually be identical to better bottles.

  3. dunn

    I see now that it’s the reflection from the neck, but I thought there was some sort of built-in air-lock inside towards the top….

  4. Anonymous

    do yourselves a favor and buy a Nestle or Poland Spring “EcoSense” 5 gallon water bottle. Ecosense uses the exact same PET-E plastic Better Bottles and this thing do. They cost about 11 bucks filled (usually 6 for the water and 5 for the deposit).

    Use them until they get banged up, return for the deposit and get a brand new one.

    I have 10 of them for secondary, small batch primary, or fermenting things that have little to no krausen.


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