Hands On: the Growler Saver Pressurized Growler Cap!

Update:  Although I liked this product and the concept behind it, I cannot recommend that you purchase one of these. To my knowledge development, sale and support of the GrowlerSaver has ceased.

Consider This alternative:


Steve, the homebrewer behind the Growler Saver Growler Cap sent me a pre-production Growler Saver cap to try out.

The Growler Saver Cap.  Left side is the CO2 port.  Right side is the Pressure Relief Valve.

Inside of the cap

CO2 Injector and catridge

The injector includes a safety lock to be engaged when the device is not in use.

The CO2 injector attached to the Growler Saver.  General operation instructions for preserving full or partially full growlers is to tap the CO2 injector and pull the PRV.  This flushes the headspace.  Another tap and you’re done.  You can also force carbonate with this device.  In that scenario you would tap the CO2 injector until the PRV vents.  Full instructions will be included with production Growler Saver caps.

A Draft System CO2 adapter is also available.  With that you can hook this right up to your kegerator.

A growler with the installed Growler Saver cap easily fits in my beer fridge.

To test the Growler Saver, I filled it with 24 ounces of beer.  That’s just over 1/3 full.  I put on the Growler Saver purged the growler and then gave it another tap for storage.  Next I swirled the growler.  Normally, CO2 in the beer would come out of solution into the head space until equilibrium is achieved.  I let the growler sit, in the refrigerator, overnight.

The beer that is pictured was poured from a growler that was filled to around one third full, was swirled and then sat overnight.  This beer was well carbonated in spite of that treatment because of the Growler Saver.  I think this is a great product.

Uses Include:

  1. Preserve growlers of beer.
  2. Force carbonate or re-carbonate beer.
  3. Save the last bit of a batch that won’t fit into a keg.  Put it in a growler and force carbonate with this cap.

You could also make the case that the Growler Saver is a safety device.  Get a growler filled with well carbonated beer at a local brew pub and let it warm up a bit.  The pressure in this growler rises.  At 60 degrees it’s around 25-30 PSI.  The Growler Saver vents at below this pressure.

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20 thoughts on “Hands On: the Growler Saver Pressurized Growler Cap!

  1. David Sweeton

    I know that the growler saver company folded long ago, because the product was eclipsed by various models of growler dispenser, but I bought two growler saver caps before it was too late, and I love them. Here is why. I fashioned a hose to connect a CO2 tank, in place of the CO2 cartridge, to save lots of money on gas. Then I just attach the tank momentarily to pressurize a growler whenever I am about to put it into the refrigerator. My two growlers fit nicely in the refrigerator, without any contraptions attached to them. I would not be able to do that with a growler dispenser. I hope The growler saver folks read this and realize that there is a market for their product, if they provide a hose to a CO2 tank.

  2. merchtex

    I can also vouch for the feedback Chris has received. We distributors are also awaiting the CO2 conversion kits to be delivered, and I know Steve is working through the supplier issues. I’d much rather the final product be both safe and functional than have any shortcuts taken in haste. I can just imagine the backlash and difficulty reconciling the issues if a poor union or connection of some sort within the conversion assembly caused a user’s CO2 tank to be depleted prematurely.

  3. Jason Putnik

    Pretty sure Growler Saver stole my $90 and skipped town. The owner hasn’t posted an updated to the Kickstarter supporters or Facebook in over a month and a large number of supporters never received a shipment, even when they promised to be shipped in December. Sad day. Losing faith in these Kickstarter projects.

    1. Chris Brewer

      I just facebooked the guy behind this. I know they have been plagued with supplier issues, but it was my understanding things were still rolling, albeit slowly. I’ll comment back here if/when I hear something.

    2. Chris Brewer

      He got back to me. He’s just been busy. He’s only got one more group of kickstarter orders to get out. He also said a kickstarter update is on the way.

    3. Chris Brewer

      The group that’s left to go out is the ones with co2 conversion kits. They had a supplier quality issue on one of the parts in that and have been working that out.

    4. Anonymous

      Have you heard anything further? There are many backers still waiting and Steve hasn’t posted an update and doesn’t seem to reply to emails/kickstarter messages.

    5. Chris Brewer

      He’s explained the delay. It’s related to the co2 conversion kits. He also offered to ship growler savers separately without the kits (for $5 additional shipping). I’m in this group and haven’t gotten my kickstarter reward either.

    6. Rich

      Hi, I’m in this group too and just tried to contact them without any luck, I even tried to go to their website and fill out the form on that page. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I honestly wish they would update kickstarter so at least we know they have not forgotten us. The crazy thing is you can now buy these at some homebrew suppliers. I’m not sure how they are doing that without supporting the people who helped them get off the ground first.

  4. Merch-Tex

    This product is now commercially available from a small handful of vendors, with our company being one of those. If interested, visit us at merchtex.com

    1. Richard Evans

      I bought one on line 5 years ago. Worked fine, but now the co2 injector leaks when not in use, so I need a new injector, or a whole new pressure cap, whichever works for you.

      1. admin Post author

        You’d want to try and get a hold of the folks behind the growler saver. I highly doubt you’ll be able to get a hold of anyone. I never even received my kickstarter reward.

  5. Bret

    Any idea how much this will be sold for? I would imagine it won’t be much cheaper than $50. If that’s the case, do you think it’s a good value when new 2 gallon cornys go on sale for well under a hundred and a carbonator cap costs less than $15?

    1. Chris Brewer

      Check out the kickstarter page, there are several packages available. I think it’s a good product and I hope it makes it to market. I think small corny kegs serve a slightly different purpose and that solution may fit better for some. For me, I’d like to have both to choose from.

    1. Mike Balk

      I believe that refers to saving the beer that is in a growler. Normally you would have to drink the contents within 24 hours. Not a problem for some people, true, but with the Growler Saver, you can keep that beer for yourself, have a glass every day, and still have fresh beer a week later (if you took that long to drink a growler!).


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