Shopping Tip: Homebrew Shop Sales Timing and Traffic Patterns

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When is the best time (price-wise) to buy something?  I would say the answer (generally speaking)… is when you don’t want it.  Winter coats are the cheapest when winter is over because nobody wants them.  Holiday decorations are drastically marked down after the holidays.  Retailers make these decisions because demand is low.

After running Homebrew Finds for years and years, I can tell you that there are some patterns that seem to repeat themselves.  I’m not going to share everything, not that you would want to hear it, but I will share a couple snippets with you.

#1 Traffic drops a bit toward the end of the week going into the following week…  Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Yet, many homebrew shops run sales during this exact time period.

Why?  Two ideas… Mostly retailers understand that their sales traffic and sales volume tend to drop off, so to counteract that, they run sales during this slower time.  The other explanation that I’ve heard from some retailers is that they believe people get paid on Friday and, regardless of traffic patterns, they are more likely to make a purchase, because… they have money.

#2  Summer months are slower than fall, winter and spring.  People aren’t homebrewing as much.  It’s hot in many places and people are taking vacations and enjoying the good weather.

Why does this matter? Some homebrew shops recognize this pattern and basically sit out the summer.  Their thinking is… why fight it?  Others continue to repeat the same things regardless of time of year.  Still others recognize this pattern and offer some of their best offers during the summer time or toward the end of the week.  It’s that reason that I’m telling you about this.  I think you should Connect With Us and read Homebrew Finds on a regular basis.  If you want to maximize savings be prepared to purchase gear and ingredients when they go on sale

If you’re a homebrew shop proprietor reading this… I’m not saying to move all of your sales to the weekend or to the summer.  Don’t do that.  For the reasons I’ve outlined above… numerically speaking, those aren’t the best times to run sales.  Of course, that depends on your goal.  If you’re looking to stir up traffic during a slow time, then, yep, go for it.  My general guidance would be come out to play often – early week, mid week, end of the week and every month of the year.  If you aren’t playing…  someone else is.  If you’d like some specific guidance from me or you’d to just to chat about the homebrew industry… I’d love to talk!  Send me an email.

And… Good Deals All the Time

Regardless of timing and traffic, we regularly feature outstanding deals. Those deals regularly beat things I see on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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