Topo Chico Seltzer Water Clone Recipe

topo chico mineral water clone

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Topo Chico is a delicious sparkling mineral water known for it’s taste and BITE. My favorite thing about Topo Chico is the carbonic bite it provides, so I recommend carbing and serving this at 35psi or even higher! Below is a list of the ingredients needed to mimic the exact water profile of Topo Chico:

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Topo Chico Clone (5 Gallon)

5.15 grams of gypsum
0.85 grams of calcium chloride
1.10 grams of of Epsom salt
0.85 grams of magnesium chloride – search Amazon
0.85 grams of canning salt – search Amazon
0.90 grams of slaked lime – search Amazon
0.95 grams of baking soda – search Amazon
0.90 grams of chalk

Weigh out your minerals and then mix it into your cold RO or distilled water. For best results, we recommend that you mix your water BEFORE carbonating. We force carbonate and serve our water at 35psi.

This recipe is intended to be used with reverse osmosis or distilled water. Adding these minerals to your city or well water WILL NOT RESULT in an accurate Topo Chico clone due to the existing minerals in your water supply.

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