Hands on Review: Torpedo Hand Held Stainless Steel Picnic Faucet!

Updated: 5/3/2024

Torpedo Stainless Steel Picnic Tap!

If there’s been one constant in homebrewing over the years that I’ve been a homebrewer, it’s been… the cobra/picnic tap. 🙂  These things have not changed in years. They’re basic and generally cheap. There have been a few newer options, but the picnic tap itself has received no love.


Enter… The Torpedo Handheld Stainless Steel Faucet!  Finally a stainless steel option!  Here’s a hands on look.

The box. This is a “hand held” stainless steel faucet. It could also be called a stainless steel picnic faucet or stainless steel cobra faucet. It’s manufactured under MoreBeer’s Torpedo Brand. Of course, Torpedo manufactures kegs – Hands on Review –  but Torpedo brand kegs are not a requirement to use this faucet. It faucet works with any homebrew keg. One side of the faucet. It features a 1/4″ OD outlet barb that will work with 1/4″ or 3/16″ ID draft tubing.

You can see the Torpedo logo on this side. The top has a knurling that makes it look really cool and gives you plenty of grip when you’re assembling and disassembling the faucet.Top removedFamiliar insides. A rubber cap covers the plunger and spring. The cap seems to be made of silicone, but that’s a guess.Inside of the faucetCompared to a standard picnic faucet. Similar in size and features. Both have a tab for gripping near the base. Of course the Torpedo faucet is heavier and made out of… stainless.  The knurled top of the Torpedo faucet is also an upgrade both in looks and functionality. Wet picnic faucets can be moderately tough to take apart because there isn’t much to grab on to, the knurling resolves that problem.The top of the faucet flips up for continuous pours.Since my setup is all DuoTight, I’m using a DuoTight compatible barb to put together a liquid line.Complete with QD, MFL to DuoTight Fitting and DuoTight Compatible Locking Clips. You could just as easily use a barb equipped QD.Setup on a Kegland Growler Size Ball Lock Keg


This one’s straightforward. This has a weight to it and feel of quality that’s lacking in plastic cobra style taps. It has a good action, good build quality and looks great. It’s nice to finally have a stainless steel option! This does cost more than generally cheap picnic faucets, but if you’re looking for a higher quality option for your keg fridge or portable serving, it’s extremely nice to have a stainless steel option.

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Torpedo Keg Hand Held Stainless Steel Beer Faucet D1264 – via MoreBeer

I’ll throw this in for fun. There’s a lot going on here. I’m using a 2.5 Liter PET growler as a CO2 source. That’s regulated by a DuoTight Inline Secondary. Everything is connected by DuoTights, and using DuoTight Compatible Clips along with MoreBeer’s Torpedo Stainless Steel Picnic Tap.

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