Not Just for Bars Anymore… Using Interlocking Bar Mats Around Your Home Brewery!

In spite of not actually having a formal home bar, I’m a big fan of… bar mats.  Generally speaking these are made for food-related uses and  they’re designed to be wet from time to time.  They provide a nice surface to set things on all the while increasing air flow.  That increased air flow helps get and keep things dry.  Better airflow can also help regulate temperature better.

Personally, I’ve used San Jamar’s Versa Mat, but many other similar products are available.  Mine are 12″ x 12″, lock together for use in larger areas and can be trimmed when needed.

On the shelf of my brewing area work table – TRINITY EcoStorage NSF Stainless Steel Table, 48-Inch – Hands on Review – helps things dry.

In the bottom of my kegerator.  I used a single mat under my CO2 tank for the longest time.  Eventually I covered the entire bottom.  Helps increase airflow under the kegs and should help with keeping temperatures more uniform and keep moisture from getting caught under kegs.  These also help protect the bottom of the kegerator.Another photo from My DuoTight Review.Under my brewing table.  These actually extend into the corner where I store most of my kegs and go along the front of my fermentation chest freezer.  Loads of space to dry things and increased airflow around my kegs.  They protect my floor and also protect my homebrewing gear from hard concrete.

More Uses:

  • Bottom of your fermentation chamber.  Moisture control and increased airflow.
  • I put a few on top of my table if I’m going to use it for drying.
  • Under your glassware.
  • I guess you could use this as part of your bar. 🙂

There lots of options available…

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