A Look At: ZChiller – Spiral Star Design Counterflow Wort Chiller

zchiller wort chiller

ZChillers are made in the US, double tube counter flow wort chillers.  The interior tubing is a Spiral Star Design.  This spiraling increases the surface area of copper that’s in contact with your wort.  It also increases turbulence.  More movement across more surface area means your wort chills quickly.

zchiller wort chillerA top down look a the large ZChiller

zchiller wort chillerSlightly different angle.

zchiller wort chillerA top down look at the coils

zchiller wort chillerThe coils measure about 5″

zchiller wort chillerA close up to measure individual coils.  I’d call it 3/4″.

zchiller wort chillerThe Large ZChiller

Large ZChiller PerformanceHere is performance data for the Large ZChiller.  Chilling performance graphs for all models are available on ZChillers Website in the News Section.

Three Models Are Available…

Standard ZChiller – 9″ diameter, 3.5″ tall, made from 102″ of copper tubing. Our original design created with small-batch homebrewers in mind. Compact, efficient, and recommended for batches of 7.5 gallons or less.

Large ZChiller – 9″ diameter, 5.125″ tall, made from 154″ of copper tubing. Our most versatile chiller, the Large ZChiller can handle much larger batches that require a higher degree of cooling while at the same time retaining the ability to be used for small batches as well. If you want flexibility and true brewing freedom, this is the chiller for you.

Square ZChiller – 8.75″ side length, 7.25″ tall, made from 134″ of copper tubing. Distinctive design delivers cooling rates comparable to the Large ZChiller with a brand new look to spice up your brewing rig. If you’re looking for a unique chiller with a bit of flash that can handle a variety of batch sizes, look no further.

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