FoodSaver Compatible Mylar Bags!

Vacuum sealing with a FoodSaver, Seal-a-Meal or similar is a great way store food, hops, grains, spices and more. Vacuum bags work to seal out oxygen, prevent freezer burn and more.

What Are the Advantages Mylar Bags?

Generally speaking Mylar bags consist of three layers. Two Mylar layers that laminate a center aluminum foil layer. This combination provides strength, flexibility and durability along with an extremely low Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR). These bags also block potentially damaging light. Combine this with vacuum sealing and you’ve got an outstanding way to store food & more.

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For homebrewer’s… Vacuum sealed Mylar bags are an excellent  way to store hops and other oxygen sensitive materials.  As a testament to this, many hop distributors distribute hops in Mylar bags.  Sometimes those are vacuum sealed and sometimes they are nitrogen flushed.

Do Mylar Bags Work with FoodSaver Vacuum Sealers?

A FoodSaver (or similar) is a standard home suction type vacuum sealer that relies on special bags. We generally call them… vacuum sealer bags. These bags are embossed or textured to create channels on the inside of the bag. Those channels allow a FoodSaver to draw out air and create a vacuum all while the machine is clamped down. When this process is done a heat strip seals the bag locking in the vacuum state.

Mylar bags have smooth walls. Since they don’t have the required special channels they will not work with FoodSaver machines.

But, Wait… SteelPak Textured Vacuum Sealing Bags!

SteelPak has introduced a metalized vacuum bag that features an embossed/channeled design that allows these bags to work with FoodSaver-type vacuum machines.

Note that multiple variations of these products may be available, as such a different version may appear at these links

Sealing Mylar Bags Using Traditional FoodSaver-Type Machines

foodsaver mylar bags

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