Tip: Consider Oetiker Stepless Clamps for Kegerator Gas and Beer Lines

Pictured: Oetiker 16700010 Stepless Ear Clamp via Amazon

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  • I use stainless steel Oetiker-style stepless clamps for most gas and beer applications.  I like the fact that they are, generally… stainless steel, stepless and the fact that they stay tight and will not loosen over time.
  • These clamps are designed so that there are no steps (gaps) on the inside.  That reduces the possibility that tubing will be torn or damaged.
  • These are single use clamps.  The upside of that is… Oetiker-style stepless clamps will not loosen over time.  When they’re tight, they’re tight.  I really like that for kegerator applications because… A: I don’t like to empty CO2 tanks for no good reason and B: I don’t like standing beer in my kegerator.
  • A sizing note – Oetiker-style Stepless clamp sizes generally refer to the largest diameter in mm.  So a size 13.3 means that the Oetiker Stepless clamp is 13.3 millimeters (about .52″) in diameter uncrimped.
  • Search Amazon for “Stepless Hose Clamps” to shop around and see what’s available
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Some specific sizes to consider…

I use a pair of nail nippers (meant for cutting heads off nails) but there are also purpose made tools for clamping Oetiker-style stepless clamps…

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5 thoughts on “Tip: Consider Oetiker Stepless Clamps for Kegerator Gas and Beer Lines

    1. admin Post author

      It depends on what your outside diameter is. I would go a little bit larger than your OD. If you’re cutting it close on clamp side vs OD, I would put whatever barbed fitting you’re going to use in the tubing and measure to make sure you’re getting the right size.

  1. Perzell Brewing

    These are fantastic, but how do you remove them if needed. I have always had issues undoing the clamps should I need to for any reason.

    1. admin Post author

      I take my nippers and get under the flap of metal and then peel it back. It’s a little hard to begin with but once you get it moving that flap will peel back pretty easily and relieve pressure from the clamp. I should take a picture of that process.

    2. Ryan

      The way I’ve always done it is to use my crimp tool to cut through the part of the clamp you crimped previously. This is amazingly difficult to explain, but once you cut across the crimped part the clamp splits apart and allows for easy removal.


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