Hands on Review: BrüMate Hopsulator Trio

brumate hopsulator trio review

BrüMate Hopsulator Trio

I received a BruMate Hopsulator Trio as a birthday present from my beloved daugher. I had seem them around, but hadn’t had a chance to pick one up yet, so I was excited about the present.

BruMate makes a number of can coolers or high end coozies. These generally double wall insulated stainless steel construction and are designed to work with different sizes of cans and for some models (like the Trio), they’ll also function as tumblers all by themselves.

Hands on Review

All of the packaging and branding on this was pretty stellar. Mine came in this tube.Describing “BevLock” TechnologyDescribing Push-Lock Technology. This thing has a lot of technology!  🙂I’ll call this the back, but, it’s a cylinder, so there’s really no back. Either way, this has loads of information including description of the 3 in 1 features. Fitment, cleaning instructions and more.Close up of the top back panel. 3 in 1 means that this will work with cans (16 oz and 12 oz) as a stainless steel pint and as a tumbler.Close up of the bottom back panel.Designed in beautiful Denver, Colorado.Here’s what I got in the box, there’s one piece that isn’t pictured.This is the piece that isn’t pictured. It’s an adapter that allows this to work with shorter 12 ounce cans. That’s a pretty good idea. What’s even better is that this is freezable to pull double duty keeping your drink cold.A look at the lid with instructional labels. This is all really straight forward, except… it took me a bit to figure out what “push to unlock” meant. I was thinking “push” where it’s really more of a slide.Picture of the can cooler. Mine is matte blue, but loads of color options are available. This currently has the threaded lid installed. The threaded lid works with cans where the BevLock lid converts this to a spill proof tumbler. You can also use it without a lid as a stainless pint.There are notches on two sides. I’d say both for looks at to make this easy to hold.Inside. Really beautiful stainless steel finish.This is the threaded lid for use with 16 and 12 oz cans.BevLock lid on the left, Threaded on the right. The threaded lid works with cans where the BevLock lid converts this to a spill proof tumbler. You can also use it without a lid as a stainless pint.BevLock lid installedBevLock lid disengaged. A sliding action unlocks the lid.This lid would be for on the go or when you’re generally concerned about spills.This 12 oz can won’t fit in the Trio… or will it??brumate hopsulator trio reviewIt will. This is the can adapter. It acts as a spacer. You can also freeze it to help keep your beverage cold.12 oz can installed in the BruMate trio with the aid of the included adapterHere’s a 16 ounce can in the TrioThe bottom features a rubberized grip to help prevent slips


As I write this, it’s the middle of June and hot. I’ve found myself going back to this again and again. It’s a well made and well thought out can cooler and tumbler. I have several YETI brand tumblers including the Colster. YETI stuff is well made and well designed for sure, but I think the BruMate rivals YETI is quality and with the Trio, I think it’s versatility puts it ahead something like the Colster since it works with two sizes of can as a pint glass and as a tumbler.

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