Hands on Review: Inkbird IHT-1P Digital, Instant Read, Waterproof, Rechargeable Thermometer

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Hands on Review: Inkbird IHT-1P Digital Thermometer

Back of the box
A look at the packagingWhat’s under the thermometerAnd the back side of the card they include calibration instructionsThe included USB charging cableThe thermometer itself

Back sideSide viewA look at the charging port coverAnd with the cover opened, it is tethered to the thermometer so you don’t lose itAs soon as you open the probe, the screen comes on. Nice back-lit screenThe body of the thermometer has a small “catch” piece to keep the probe in so it doesn’t accidentally open on you if it’s in your pocket.

Accuracy Tests and Calibration

Initial calibration seems accurate from the factoryAt my elevation, water boils at approximately 200.6 degrees F. Boil test looks accurateBrew day! Reading 148F for the mashCompared to 149F setting on my anvil, pretty much on-point! – Related: Hands on Review: Anvil Foundry Brewing SystemAnd again, boiling at around 201F which is accurate for my elevation

Notes on Calibration

A note on calibration, the procedure is different than other thermometers I’ve used. This allows you to change it + or – within 5 degrees F of freezing or boiling, + or – 3 degrees Celciues.

So if you check it in freezing water and it reads 1 degree high (33F) you would close the probe, hold the calibration button while opening it to enter calibration mode, then press the button until +1F displays on the screen. This will tell it that it’s reading 1 degree high and adjust it accordingly. Note that I did not do this as mine was pretty accurate out of the box.

Also the thermometer will display the temperature to the tenths of the degree up until 100, then it will just show the whole number. So you get a more “accurate” or “higher resolution” degree at lower than 100 degrees. As seen in the ice water picture, the temp was 32.8 degrees, but the boil temperature shows 201.

Backlight Operation

The backlight stays on for about 30 seconds, pressing the button again will turn the backlight back on if you need it.

Battery Level Indicator

A nice feature is it shows the battery level. I didn’t capture a picture but while charging it shows a lightning bolt over the battery indicator, the it goes back to the standard battery indicator once fully charged. I haven’t run the battery dead yet so I don’t have a charge time but I think it would only take about an hour to fully charge.

Auto Shut-Off

The thermometer itself will auto-shut off after a few minutes even if the probe is open, pressing the button or closing it/opening it again will wake it back up. Also, if it’s off but it detects a large temperature change, it will wake back up as well. A few times i placed the probe in the wort while the device was off and it woke up and read the temperature.

Response Time

Reading time is fast, it gets an accurate reading within 5 seconds.


Time will tell on the longevity of this unit but so far it has worked for my 2 or 3 brew days I’ve used it without issue. The calibration steps seem a bit weird to me but otherwise it works as intended and i’m glad to not have to deal with those CR2032 batteries that my old thermometer used.

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More About the Author:  I’ve been brewing for about 8 years, started out with a 5 gallon extract kit and was hooked. Jumped into all grain after about 5 or 6 batches of extract. Since then I’ve run the gauntlet of partial mashing to building a cooler mash tun to BIAB. I recently switch to an electric all-in-one system and love it, this is my preferred method now due to ease of use and time saving. I have no professional brewing experience. I prefer pale ales and IPA’s mostly. Trying my best to be a good home brewer while also being a good family man for my wife and two kids!

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