Hands on Review: KegLand Ball Lock Disconnect With Shank

Kegland is making some great stuff. Really well thought out, innovative and generally well-priced gear. When I see something new from Kegland I’m generally left with one of two responses, 1. I’ve been wanting something like this for a long time or, 2. I would have never thought of this tweak/product, it’s ingenious.

Kegland’s Ball Lock QD with integrated shank is par for the course. A really good idea. I’ll take a closer look at it in this review and also discuss the general idea behind this and similar solutions.

But first, what does a shank adapter do?

Corny Keg Faucet Adapters have been around for a long time. They allow a keg QD to connect to a compatible faucet. An MFL/male flare QD, ball lock or pin lock, connects to the FFL/female flare side of the converter. Basically you’re adding mini shank to your QD. Dandy!

Old style faucet converter and QDThis allows you connect a compatible faucet to a keg QD. No tubing necessary. Really nice for mobile serving and more.

Hands on Review: KegLand Ball Lock With Shank

Kegland’s Ball Lock QD with shank has a standard looking ball lock QD body. Instead of a flare or barb outlet it features and integrated shank and sleeve.

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Kegland Ball Lock QD with Shank compared to a converter and standard MFL ball lock QDSize Comparison, From Left to Right – Kegland DuoTight Ball Lock QD, Kegland Ball Lock QD with Shank, Standard Ball Lock QDA closer look at the shank outletA look inside. Visually this looks like a standard QD to me.Internal parts and pieces. Again, I think these all look to be pretty standard compared to a regular CMBecker style QD. My guess is that parts are interchangeable.Comparing Internal O-Rings, from Left to Right – Kegland Ball Lock QD with Shank Internal O-Ring, CMBecker style QD O-Ring, Valuebrew’s Bulk Silicone Replacements – they all appear to be interchangeable.Kegland Ball Lock QD with Shank connected to a faucet. This goes on your ball lock keg for easy portable serving and more.

Finally Straight Faucets

One benefit of this QD is that it resolves an issue that kind of bugs me when using the old style converter. That additional fitting is another tightening point. You have to tighten both the shank sleeve and the adapter fitting. That can result in a tweaked faucet when everything is tightened up. No big deal and it can be resolved by loosening and re-tightening until things line up correctly. This QD from Kegland completely solves that problem. The shank outlet is notched so you can line up your faucet perfectly.

Ball Lock Only

This adds the list of of ball lock only accessories. If you’re looking for something similar for your pin lock keg, go the adapter route. See: Pin Lock vs Ball Lock Kegs for a complete rundown of differences


This is another great innovation from Kegland. It simplifies your setup, installs more quickly and easily and is generally inexpensive. If you’re looking for an easy way to serve your ball lock keg on the go, or you’re wanting to move on from picnic taps, this is a good choice.

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