Cleaning Multiple Kegerator Lines at the Same Time

Updated: 5/3/2024

Regularly cleaning beer lines is an important part of serving tasty beer from your kegerator. Homebrewers use a number of methods to accomplish this from removing tubing to soak in cleaning and sanitizing solutions to DYI pumps to commercial solutions.

Limited Time Deal, 32% Off Stainless Steel Ball Lock Jumpers

Stainless steel ball lock jumper from Valuebrew. This works with both gas and liquid QDs. That means you can jump from keg line to keg line for cleaning and also hook up to the liquid side of your keg to purge with CO2 from the top to the bottom.

These also feature Valuebrew’s Food Grade Silicone Post O-Rings. Blue are pictured, but color can vary.

Valuebrew has generally struggled keeping things in stock and they’ve… specifically struggled to keep these in stock. As of this posting, these are in stock and on sale. Beyond the discounted price, you can add a second jumper on for even less.

Valuebrew is offering a pack of two jumpers and 25 replacement o-rings for $32.97. Coupon code JUMP discounts the combo by a whopping 32%.

Double Jumper Special! < note that you must use this link along with coupon code JUMP to get the deal, the standard product will not get you the discount

Standard Page: Stainless Steel Ball Lock Jumper

I have a number of builds/mods for cleaning and flushing lines…

Also: Hands on Review: Kegland Ball Lock Cleaning Kit

Saving Time by Cleaning Multiple Lines

Being able to clean multiple lines at the same time is a big time saver. In years past this would have involved stringing together multiple fittings or partially disassembling your setup.

For ball lock keg users – Ball Lock vs Pin Lock – there is an easy solution available that allows you to clean multiple lines at the same time with minimal effort.

Valuebrew Stainless Steel Ball Lock JumpersHands on Review

This allows you to connect multiple ball lock kegerator runs by simply snapping them into the jumper. There are a few similar models available. Valuebrew’s features stainless steel construction, food grade o-rings and… it works with both gas and liquid QDs.

Here’s the jumper in action. I’ve tried this with both my Recirculating Draft Line Cleaning Pump and Simple Ball Lock Draft Line Flushing Setup

Two lines being flushed by my Simple Ball Lock Draft Line Flushing Setup – keep in mind this particular build is pump free, this is happening all under CO2 pressure

This makes connecting two lines very simple. Connect the two ball lock lines and push cleaning solution through one of your faucets.

How about 3 or more lines?  The QD side is easy, you’ll need 1 jumper for 2 lines, 2 jumpers for 3 lines and so on.  For the faucet side, you need to cut a small piece of tubing to jump between faucets as needed. Keep in mind that each line you add increases resistance. Your pump may do great with two or three lines, but as you add lines, it will have to work harder.

Flushing Lines with CO2: This jumper allows you to connect liquid AND gas lines. That means you can flush lines with CO2 to push out any remaining cleaner or sanitizer and purge O2. Cleaned > Rinsed > Sanitized, Dried  and Purged lines! Make sure to use a low pressure that’s compatible with all components in your system if you do this.

Check Current Price & Availability:

Ball Lock Jumpers – via Valuebrew

How About Pin Lock and Sanke Setups?

KOMOS® Draft Line Cleaning Coupler

This a male beer thread jumper. You would unthread tail pieces and use these jumpers to connect lines together. This is a bit more work that the ball lock jumper for ball lock setups and it wouldn’t include all of your faucets, but it’s a good choice of you use pin lock or sanke connections.

KOMOS® Draft Line Cleaning Coupler – via MoreBeer

Draft Line Cleaning Solutions and Sanitizers

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