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The ThermoWorks TimeStick has been around for quite some time.  I’ve owned two and used them extensively.  If you’re not familiar with ThermoWorks, they are the makers of the nearly universally lauded Thermapen – Review and along those lines produce quality equipment.

ThermoWorks has released the TimeStick Trio.  That unit features three independent timers and is available to order as of this posting.

ThermoWorks kindly provided me with a pre-release unit and to prove that they are fans of homebrewing they have also lifted the media embargo just for Homebrew Finds.  That means you’re hearing it here first.  Their official announcement, along with other website’s coverage will come later.

Check it out – Here

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On to the review…

ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio ReviewIn the box.  It reads – 3 Timers in One, Easy to Set, Start & Stop, Backlit Display, Neck Lanyard

TIMESTICK TRIO thermoworks reviewBack of the box

TIMESTICK TRIO thermoworks reviewTop of the back of the box.  It reads…

“TimeStick Trio is the easiest-to-use triple timer in the world. Each of the three timers has its own display with its own Set and Start/Stop buttons. No confusion on how to set a timer, how much time is left, which one is sounding or how to stop any of the three.

Directly set your times on the rubberized and sealed numeric keypad. All the operations can be done in one hand. No Up/Down buttons that over-run your settings. When you set a Count-Down time, the Start button starts the timer. When the alarm sounds, a Count-Up starts so you know how long since the alarm sounded. Pause and continue any timer at any time. Each alarm has a distinct beep pattern so you can tell which alarm is sounding.

To use as a Count-Up Timer, simply start at 00:00:00 and hit Start. It’s like having three separate stopwatches in one.

Use Trio in the dark with the bright backlight. Hang Trio from your neck, slip it in a pocket or mount it to a magnetic surface. Rugged commercial construction and splash proof seals protect Trio from messy kitchens, sports or pool side use. The keypad can be locked to prevent accidentally disrupting a timer operation. Durability and super-simplicity make TimeStick Trio a solid value.”

TimeStick Trio ReviewBottom of the back of the box

TimeStick Trio ReviewUnboxed.  To the right you can see the included CR2032 Lithium Battery.

TimeStick Trio ReviewBack of the TimeStick Trio.  A built in magnet can be seen on the top third along with the battery door to the bottom.  The battery door features an oring for water resistance.  The TimeStick Trio is splash proof but directions say not to submerge the unit.

TimeStick Trio ReviewFront of the TimeStick Trio

TimeStick Trio ReviewEach of the three timers have corresponding set buttons on the side

TimeStick Trio ReviewIn addition to separate set buttons for each timer, the other side features independent Start/Stop buttons.  ThermoWorks set out to make an easy to use three timer device.  That’s really one of the areas where this shines.  The corresponding buttons make it easy to quickly set, start and stop the three timers individually.

TimeStick Trio ReviewBacklit display

TimeStick Trio ReviewFor size comparison, next to the original TimeStick

TimeStick Trio ReviewMultiple timers set

TimeStick Trio ReviewMultiple timers going.  Note that each timer plays a distinct sound pattern so you can tell what’s what.

TimeStick Trio ReviewTimers can be either up or down.  To set a down timer just hit the set button, key in the time on the number pad and hit set.  To set an up timer just set the time to zero and hit the start button.  You can easily tell if a timer is up or down on the display.  Notice the middle timer in this picture reads up with the top and bottom timers read down.

75per_img_7837Resetting the timers is also easy.  Hitting the set button once resets the corresponding timer to the last set time.  Hitting zero, clears the timer.

TimeStick Trio ReviewHere are the included instructions.

TimeStick Trio ReviewThe included magnet makes it handy.  Here is the Trio stuck to my fermentation deep freeze.

I haven’t had the TimeStick Trio long, but first impressions are that this thing is classic ThermoWorks – well designed and thought out and well built.  The multiple timers make it a huge win for homebrewers.  Thank you to ThermoWorks for providing an evaluation unit and for choosing to make this initial announcement to… homebrewers.  Kudos to ThermoWorks.

Check sale or product page for current availability & pricing

Check it out – Here

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