Hands On Review: MoreBeer’s Expandable CO2 Manifold System

morebeer co2 manifold review

MoreBeer’s gas CO2 manifold system comes in a variety of sizes including 2, 3, 4 and 6 way variants.  An add-on is also available that allows you to add more runs to the manifold as you have need.

I have long extolled the virtues of this system.  This is one of a few things in homebrewing that can actually grow with you.  Example – I could not add 4 gallons to my 6 gallon extract kettle.  I had to replace it.  This system actually grows with you.  Here is a hands on look.

Splitting CO2 lines.  The main purpose of a manifold is to split CO2 lines so that you can use a single tank and regulator for multiple kegs.  The cheap way to to do that is to use some sort of a tee fitting [Examples – 1/4″ flare | 5/16″ Barb].  The upside of that method is cost.  The downsides are… Your kegerator is less organized, you have no individual control to turn lines on and off and there are no check valves to prevent backflow between lines.  Although these are gas lines, differences in pressure can cause back-feeding beer.  A tee does nothing to stop that.  MoreBeer’s manifold system fixes those issues while still allowing you to split CO2 lines for serving multiple kegs.

cln_img_0642This is the 2 way manifold.  PRV is on the left.  The two bodies including barbs and ball valves are in the center and the 5/16″ barb is on the right.  More about that barb later.cln_img_0643A look at the PRV (pressure relief valve)cln_img_0644Each body contains a hole for securely mounting the manifoldcln_img_0645To give you an idea of size here it is on the obsessive chef cutting board.  You can click to zoom in on this picture.
cln_img_0648The mounting holes on this are at an angle.  That means these will be angled away from the side of your kegerator (or wherever you choose to mount the manifold system) for easy access.  The is approximately the angle at which a mounted manifold will sit.cln_img_0652To add on another body, simply remove the PRV, add the additional body (or bodies) and replace the PRV.cln_img_0655Screw in the add oncln_img_0658Assembled – sans PRVcln_img_0659Clean the old PTFE tape off and add a new piece.

cln_img_0662Assembly completed.  With about 3 minutes work, this now looks like a factory 3 way manifold.cln_img_0663A look at the back sidecln_img_0665This system uses 5/16″ ID tubing.  MoreBeer says that’s the industry standard.  I use 1/4″ ID tubing and I have for years.  The great news is you can use either size.  Here is a picture of my 1/4″ ID tubing installed.  I softened it in some warm water so that it would slide on easily.cln_img_0667I wouldn’t typically do this, but (for the sake of this review)… here is the whole assembly with add-on installed submerged in water in my 1 Gallon Rubbermaid Pitcher.  0 leaks.  An easier way to do this would be to spray some Star San on the connections and look for bubbles.

This is a great line of CO2 manifolds.  It features quality construction, well thought out features and it grows with you.  I have recommended this for years and this hands on look proves my point.  If you’re looking to serve multiple kegs, check out this manifold system.

Check it out – MoreBeer’s CO2 Manifold System – including 2, 3, 4 and 6 way variants and add-on

Note that the 6 way version looks a little different than the rest of the lineup.

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