Hands on Review: Kegland Hang Tab Keg Lids – works on ball lock & pin lock kegs

Kegland, based in Australia, produces a broad array of homebrewing gear. fermenters, electric brewing systems, loads of draft stuff (including DuoTight!) and lots more.

It’s obvious these folks are homebrewers at heart, because they’ve come up some really innovative stuff. The other thing they’ve generally done is hit really good price points. There is a balance between cost, features and quality and they seem to be hitting a lot of bullseyes.

This is a hands on look at their unique keg lid with integrated hang tag model KL02868.

Close of up of the lid. Reads… Caution Release Pressure to Remove Lid. Maximum Working Pressure 130 PSI.

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Underside of the lid.Kegland keg lids have a unique feature. This tab on the understand is called a Hang Tab. It’s designed to allow you to easily hang dry hops, cocoa nibs, oak and more from the lid. To use, thread the string of your hop bag through the hole. This makes removal easy and allows you to control the exact amount of time and saves you from trying to fish around in your beer.

Since doing my post on reconditioning kegs, I’ve gotten into the habit of immediately replacing all o-rings with Valuebrew Food Grade Gaskets. I use green and blue for the posts to make identification quick and easy… green = gas, blue = beer. It’s worth noting that this isn’t something you have to do, I prefer food grade silicone and the color-coding and I have these on hand since I picked them up in bulk. Very little cost on a per o-ring basis making these upgrades.

These feature silicone lid o-rings

Ball Lock vs Pin Lock Lids

One difference between Pin Lock and Ball Lock kegs is the type of lids that come with each.  Ball Locks, generally, have a manual PRV valve, while Pin Locks do not.  Ball Lock style lids are, in my opinion, superior because the manual PRV allows you to easily vent your keg as needed.  The good news is that, for standard kegs, the lids are the same size and can be interchanged.  That means you can use a Ball Lock style lid in a Pin Lock Keg.  See: What’s the Difference Between Ball Lock Kegs and Pin Lock Kegs?


These are quality lids with a simple innovation. They deserve a hard look if you’re looking to replaced bent or damaged lids or if you’re looking to upgrade pin lock kegs. These are especially attractive if your lids are bent or the PRV is malfunctioning. A replacement PRV with the right threads can be difficult to find and they can be pricey. These complete replacement lids may not cost a whole lot more.

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Should I buy a New Keg or a Used Keg?

Used kegs are generally sourced from soda bottlers.  They are built with commercial use in mind and designed to last for many years of rough duty service.

Brand new ball locks may not be made to the same standards.  However… We also don’t generally put our kegs through the same abuse that a soda distributor would.

Not withstanding price.  I think both options are valid.  If you’re up for a little elbow grease and replacing a few parts, used may be the way to go, if you’re more interested in convenience brand new is a good choice.  Practically, at least as of this posting, I think price will cause many to go the used route.

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Special thanks to Kegland for providing the unit used for evaluation in this review.

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