Hands on Review: Kegland 2.5 Liter Growlers

Kegland 2.5 Liter PET Growlers

Kegland’s 2 Liter PET growlers offer increased capacity (84 ounces verses a more typical 64 ounces), they have a great pressure rating, use standard soda style caps and a generally very economical.  Here’s a hands on look.

A look at the box. When I purchased mine from William’s Brewing they came in packs of 9. This is a pretty good size box, but still shipped for free because I live in the contiguous US and placed a large enough order.Close-up of the box. Part number KL19859, Compatible with KL10788 – Carbonation Cap and KL14830 – PCO Tee Piece. Manufactured by Kegland.

Check Current Pricing & Availability, Review Continues Below:

Close-up of the box. PET Brew Bottles. Easy Screw Cap. Mono-Layer PET. Brown Tint. Rated to 93psi (6.4 bar). Suits PCO1881 Caps. Handy Carry Handle.A look at all 9 growlers. The bag contains caps and handles.Caps and Handles. Note that the caps are standard PET soda bottle type threads.One 2.5 L Kegland PET GrowlerFor size comparison next to one of my Stanley GrowlersHands on ReviewHandle and cap installed. I didn’t thread the cap all the way on because I didn’t want to engage the bottom ring.Because this has soda bottle threading, you can use compatible carbonator caps.Close up of installed carbonation cap. The fact that these work with compatible carbonation caps is a pretty great feature. This means you can easily carbonate or adjust carbonation right in the growler.

Carbonation Caps:

Alternate Use Ideas

Use it for… Mini Pressure Fermenter!

Add Carbonation Cap and a Spunding Valve to convert this into a pressure capable mini fermenter. You could potentially do 2 liter batches. Not ideal, but a great way to play around with pressure fermentation at an unbeatable price. See: Fermenting Under Pressure for more on the topic.

Convert to a Ball Lock Line Cleaning Pump!

Add on a PET Bottle Dispensing Pump and it’s a ball lock line cleaner. Also available as a complete kit.

Use it for Portable Serving!

Add on a PET Bottle Dispensing Pump and a ball lock faucet and you’ve got a portable serving keg without paying for expensive CO2 cartridges.  Before you email me/comment/etc… yes this will cause oxidation, I would not suggest this as a long term solution. Only for the occasion that you and your friends will be able to drink an entire growler in an evening.  Oxidation won’t have enough time to become a factor. Use another solution for longer term applications.

Convert it to a Mini-Keg For Your Kegerator!

Add a Carbonation Cap Tee Adapter and two Carbonation Caps and… you have a 2.5 liter keg you can use in your kegerator!

Use it as Part of a Simple Ball Lock Draft Line Flushing Setup


At a few bucks each, these are a bargain. Their cheap enough to give as gifts or take to a get-together and not worry about what happens. PET is hardy material and these are pressure capable. Kegland consistently makes innovate gear and little things like standard soda bottle threads, a handle, a larger than typical size and… a great price make these growlers stand out. These are not double wall, vacuum insulated, flip top growlers, but, for the money, they’re a great value with surprising versatility.

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