Use a Wallpaper Prep Tray for Cleaning, Sanitizing and Storage of Longer Brewing Items

Pictured: Zinsser 98030 30-Inch Wallpaper Prep Tray – via Amazon

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I use a wallpaper try to clean and sanitize longer items like racking canes, auto-siphons, spoons, tubing and beverage out dip tubes.  It works great.

These also work well for storing longer items.  If you’re going to store things in these, I would recommend stacking a couple together to give them some extra strength.

Another similar option are planter boxes.  They are generally sturdier than wallpaper prep trays and they’re about the same length.  Since you can get away with one your total cost may end up being less.

Zinsser 98030 30-Inch Wallpaper Prep Tray – via Amazon


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