Hands On Review: Insulating Neoprene Kegerator Tower Wrap – Fight the First Foamy Pint!

The idea behind a Neoprene insulating tower wrap is to help insulate the tower to help keep beer in your lines cold.  Warming of beer in the lines is a leading cause of first foamy pints.  The beer warms up and CO2 comes out of solution more easily.  When you vend this warm beer it has a tendency to foam.  Keeping lines as cold as possible reduces or eliminates this effect.  The additional insulation could also help you save some electricity.

Here’s a hands on look at Redwood City Brew Supply‘s (via Amazon) Neoprene wrap.  Multiple sizes and configurations are available.  I have a two tap KOMOS Kegerator – Hands on Review – so I went with the two tap 3″ version.

In the package.  Note that this is made of Neoprene.  Neoprene is wet suit-type material that has some great insulating properties.

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Unwrapped.  The center seam is a hook and loop strip that allows you open up the wrap for easy installation.   Velcro is a hook and loop strip closure system.  Not sure if they’re using Velcro brand hook and loop closure, but you get the idea that they are similar.

The wrap opened up

Installed on my KOMOS Kegerator.  It looks and fits great.

A closer look at the installed tower insulating wrap

Close up on the tap opening.  This fit great.  There is some flexibility in the material.  I think that would allow you to install this even if your taps were slightly further apart.

The upper lip on the two faucet version is approximately 3/4″

The opening on the two faucet version is approximately 3 3/4″

Installed on my KOMOS Kegerator

The KOMOA already has some great anti foam features including – quality tubing, interior insulation in the keg tower and a tower cooling fan.  The Neoprene tower wrap looks great and adds even more insulation.  If you’ve been having foam problems or are looking to save electricity adding additional insulation can help.

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