Hands on Review: Brewers Hardware Quick Clean Take-Apart Ball Valves

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Brewers Hardware Take-Apart Ball Valve

Up until now, I’ve known of two types of ball valves- 2-piece and 3-piece. The key difference between them being that the 3-piece can be disassembled for full cleaning. When I first started buying gear, I figured I’d go for the 3-piece because the idea of being able to take it apart and clean it sounded like something I should probably do. After seeing the complications of needing to use 2 wrenches at a time, while holding the body of the valve stable, I quickly concluded my 3-piece valves would never experience the joy of a ‘deep cleaning’.

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The Take-Apart Ball Valve Fully Disassembled

When I saw Brewers Hardware’s Take-Apart Ball Valve, it looked like the perfect compromise. It is a ball valve that can be disassembled for cleaning, but it doesn’t require wrenches or tools of any kind. It uses a small 3/4″ TC flange to hold the two halves of the valve together. So you simply turn the hand screw on the clamp to disassemble, easily wash out any residue inside, and then put it back together.

1/2″ NPT Threads

Hands on Review

When the clamp arrived, I was amazed by the build quality of the valve assembly and the shine level of its polished stainless exterior. For something as ‘Frankenstein’ as it seemed with combining ball valve and TC into one, it was flawlessly executed. And most importantly with anything that is made for quick disassembly, it had no leaks.

Installed on Mark II PumpHands on Review

I am not a sanitation freak, and cleaning is the least fun part of brew day. But when equipment comes with handy features like this that make it so easy to get things extra clean, I usually oblige. And even if I don’t clean this after every brew day and only occasionally take it apart, it will still be a vast improvement over my 3-piece valves that have never been taken apart. You will pay a premium for this valve over standard ball valves, but if you’re a regular cleaner of these parts, you owe it to yourself to make clean-up that much easier.

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More Photos

One half of the valve, disassembledThe other half of the valve, disassembledWorking in concert with Mark II Pump and Brewer’s Edge Mash and Boil – Hands on Review

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