Hands on Review: Insulated Neoprene Growler Tote by Built NY

This is a hands on look at Built NY’s Insulated Neoprene Growler Tote.  It’s made from stretchy neoprene (wet suit material) which helps protect and insulate 64 oz growler bottles during travel.  It also stores flat when not in use and is machine washable.

I picked up two of these, because… sometimes I like to tote two growlers. 🙂

Close up of the front of the product tag.  Click to zoom.

Back of the tag lists features and care instructions.  Note that this is machine washable (drip dry).Inside of the growler toteClose up of the interior labelNote that this folds so that it lies flat when not in use, for easy storageThis is a close up of the reinforced, padded handle.  This also let’s you see the quality stitching.The growler tote with what I would call a standard 64 oz glass growler.  It fits well.This can also hold other styles of growlers.  Here is the tote with a 64 oz YETI Rambler GrowlerTop down holding the YETI RamblerThis can also hold a 64 Oz Stanley Classic Vacuum Insulated Growler – Hands On Review.  As you can tell from the photo, it’s a tight squeeze.  It works, but it’s not really optimal.

Here ‘s the tote holding a Lifeline 64 oz vacuum insulated growler.  This should comfortable hold most 64 ounce size growlers out there.

This tote is well made from quality materials.  It provides additional insulation and protection for when you’re taking your beer on the go or getting a growler filled up.  This looks great and folds flat for easy storage.  As of this posting, it’s available in multiple styles.

BUILT NY Insulated Neoprene Beer Growler Tote, Camo Blue -via amazon  generally available in multiple colors

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