Should You Buy a Homebrew Grain Mill?

Is Buying a Grain Mill Worth It?

If you’re an all grain homebrewer, should you buy a mill?….

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Benefits of Milling Your Own Grain

  1. Control Crush: Milling your own grain gives you control over the crush of your grain.  That’s a big factor in efficiency.  Many homebrew shops tend to under-mill grain to protect against stuck mashes.  I’ve seen pre-milled grain wildly-undermilled.  See this review for a side by side example.
  2. Fine Tune Your Process, Improve Repeatability: A mill allows you to fine tune for your equipment and process.  You know what the crush is going to be since you set it.
  3. Save Money: A mill allows you to save money by buying whole bags of grain at a discount.
  4. Fresher, Better Tasting Beer: The shelf life of unmilled grain is longer than pre-milled grain.  Freshly milled grain = better tasting beer.

Store Milled Grain (left) vs crushing my own grain using optimal using “optimal” setting (right) on a certain mill.  See: Hands On Review: Captain Crush, Adjustable Three Roller Grain Mill for more details

Should You Mill Your Own Grain?


If you’re an all grain brewer, I would encourage you to strongly consider getting a mill and taking control of crush in your brewing process.

There are new offerings all the time – search Amazon for “homebrew grain mill” to shop around and see what may be available

Motorizing Your Mill!

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Bulk Grain Storage Options

What’s YOUR Favorite Homebrew Mill?

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