Hands on Review: EcoVessel BOSS Stainless Steel Triple Insulated Growler with Infusion Basket

Eco Vessel Beer Growler

Hands on Review EcoVessel BOSS Growler

The EcoVessel BOSS Growler boasts stainless steel construction, triple insulation, an infusion basket and a unique cap that gives you two choices and features a plastic strap that attaches to the growler.  It has a standard 64 ounce capacity and comes in multiple color options.

cln_img_8988Top of the growler.  This growler has two openings.  A larger one for filling and pouring and a smaller one for drinking.  Both have gasketed seals.

A look at the top of the infusion basket

cln_img_8992A look at the infusion basket.  This is generally intended for tea leaves and water flavorings, but can also be used for hops.  You’re basically dry hopping/Randalizing beer right in the growler.  A great way to try different hops (or maybe even other ingredients) or enhance a beer.

Front of the label – Eco Vessel, TriMax Triple Insulation, Keeps cold for 36 hours, keeps hot for 8 hours, 64 oz, 1.9 Liters.  I believe the ml here is a misprint.

Premium Stainless Steel, No BPA, No Liners, No sweat

Bottom of the Growler

Care Instructions

Inside of the growler

Inside of the lid – notice the gasketed seal

A look at the top lid

Eco Vessel Growler
The Eco Vessel 62 Ounce Growler


Overall, the EcoVessel BOSS is well constructed and well thought out.  It has some unique features that are interesting and helpful for homebrewers and craft beer lovers.

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Vacuum Insulated Large Travel Growler Bottle for Water, Beer, and Tea – Stainless Steel 64 oz Thermos Water Bottle with Infuser Filter and Wide Mouth Dual Opening Cap – EcoVessel BOSS affiliate link, note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

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  1. Jason

    Curious—did you ever try this with pellet hops? If so, did the screen keep hop matter out of the glass when you poured?


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