Beer Dust Water Conditioning for IPA Style Beers

Beer Dust IPA

Beer Dust “Water Science Made Easy” for IPA is a blend of conditioning minerals that are designed to maximize bitterness and hop flavor.  Use in the mash for all grain batches or in the kettle for extract.  1 Packet works for a 5 gallon sized batch.  Keg Connection has just picked this up and it’s selling for $4.99 per packet.

Check it out – Here

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5 thoughts on “Beer Dust Water Conditioning for IPA Style Beers

  1. Ashton

    Looks like its all about convenience to me. Here’s a pre-measured packet of water salts for the specific style of beer you’re brewing, easy peasy! $5 maybe worth it for a lot of people totally confused by water chemistry. Even better may help people realize the importance of water in their beer and peak their interest in learning about water chemistry. Its not like they’re claiming to maximize mash efficiency or target pH (that is a load of huey without knowing recipe).

  2. John

    Looking into this it is for use with RO/distilled water and targets a final volume of 5gallons. I can see where this would be a valid product for those who don’t understand water chemistry and frankly don’t have the time. Same could be said for those that continue to by yeast smack packs when they could easily re-use yeast.

  3. Charles

    I wouldn’t bother unless you’re just lazy (and probably starting with RO water). There is no one size fits all since everyone’s starting water, water volume due to evaporation differs, not to mention that every IPA’s grain bill also differs. Download a copy of Bru’n Water or Braukaiser and buy a few minerals in bulk.

    1. Andrew

      I was kind of wondering about that… if that’s all it is, then it’s pretty overpriced.

      However, if it is a actual perfect addition that will take 8-9 gallons of RO water and balance all 10+ minerals, ions, and acid to be ideal for the mash, sparge, etc of a 1.055-1.070 IPA, then they could be on to something worthwhile for those who want a turn-key solution.


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