Using the Grainfather to Clean Draft Lines

Thanks to Twitter Follower Andy for this tip!  [Connect with HBF on Twitter]

The Grainfather

The Grainfather is an electric all grain brewing system.  Mash temperature is precisely controlled with an electric heating element.  A pump recirculates throughout the mashing process ensuring even temperatures.  At the end of the mash, The Grainfather becomes your electric brew kettle.  The Grainfather includes a counterflow chiller.  8 Gallon system for indoor or outdoor brewing.

The Grainfather

Andy has converted this for use as a draft line cleaning pump using a few fittings

  • Swivel Flare Adapter – 1/4″ OD barb
  • 1/4″ MFL Male to 1/4″ MFL Male Flare Coupling
  • Swivel Flare Adapter – 1/2″ OD barb

Check out Andy’s Youtube video detailing the project

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