FREE High Resolution Carbonation Chart!

CARBONATION CHARTHigh resolution version below. Thank you to Spike Brewing Equipment for this resource! Check out our extensive lineup of Spike Brewing Equipment Reviews

What is a Carbonation Chart?

The carbonation level of your beer is a function of your CO2 PSI and your kegerator temperature.  The colder your kegerator, the more CO2 your beer will absorb.  You need to decide two things: How cold do I want my beer to be and what carbonation level do I want to serve it at.

A carbonation chart is a reference to determine the right CO2 pressure based on your kegerator’s temperature and your desired carbonation level.

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More Uses – Naturally Carbonate & Fix Over Carbonated Beers

A Carbonation Chart can also be useful to help you naturally carbonate in your keg and fix over carbonated beers with the help of a Spunding Valve.  See: Build a Spunding Valve! – How and Why

High Resolution Carbonation Chart!


Special thanks to Spike Brewing Equipment for providing this resource!  It was released as a reference to be used in coordination with their carb stone.

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