Making a Fermentation Heater w/Heat Tape

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You often have posts about deals on Fermwrap style heaters. I’d like to alert your readers about an option that is lower cost and I believe superior to any deals I have ever seen posted. Most Fermwraps are made with Flexwatt heater tape. Another brand of heat tape is THG Heat Tape, which I have seen people post on both reptile and brewing forums as being superior to Flexwatt; I have both and find it to be more durable. Regardless, Pangea Reptile sells the 12″ tape for $3/foot. They also sell the cord and connecting clips and will install it for only $4.99 more. They offer flat-rate shipping of only $4.99, so even if you order only one 12×24 wrap, it’s only $15.98 shipped. If you order more, or make one from smaller width tape, available in 3, 4, 6, or 12″, then the savings are even more. For instance, I ordered 5′ of tape and had them make two 30″ wraps, which gives more uniform coverage around a typical fermenter. Of course, you can DIY the cord if absolute lowest cost is important.

Note: This is a DIY project.  Make sure you choose appropriate materials for your application.  Contact manufacturer with questions.  Prices are deemed accurate as of this posting, check Pangea Reptile for up to the minute price, availability and description.

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