Hands On Review: DrinkTanks Growler and Keg Cap

The DrinkTanks Growler is a Stainless, Double Wall, Vacuum Insulated Growler.  It has an optional Keg Cap that converts the growler into a mini draft keg.  This is a look at the 64 oz size, but it’s also available in a larger 128 ounce/1 gallon version.  Additional colors and handle styles are also available.

This Drink Tanks Growler was…. Assembled in Bend, Oregon.

Back side of the product tag contains contact information for Drink Tanks in addition to some information about the growler – 64 Oz (1.9L), 18/8 Stainless Steel, Double Wall Vacuum Insulation, BPA Free and Lifetime Warranty

The Drink Tanks Growler

A look inside

A close up on the handle.  It feels nice and sturdy.

The standard cap installed on the growler.  Both caps have an o-ring and a double bail locking system.  Remember to engage both bails.  I have forgotten the side that stays on the cap and that doesn’t make for a great seal. :).  When both bails are engaged the cap has a very solid seal.

Inside of the standard cap.  Notice the installed o-ring.

I received an extra o-ring.  I’m not sure if that comes standard of if it’s part of the Keg Cap option.

The front of the growler

Here is the optional Keg Cap.  I got a carrying bag, two CO2 cartridges, an adapter, tubing and a faucet.

The inside of the Keg Cap.  You can see both the CO2 inlet and the pressure relief valve.  The PRV is set to release at 10 PSI.

The Keg Cap installed.

Prior to installing the Keg Cap, you’re supposed to pour one glass of beer.  Next remove the standard cap and install the Keg Cap.  Finally give the growler a charge of CO2.  The PRV lets off CO2 at 10 PSI.  The instructions also say that you “You don’t need much CO2”.  I find that especially true as the growler gets down to the last pint or two.  If you need more CO2 at this point, just give it a light tap, don’t go until the PRV starts letting out CO2.  I’ve had foaming problems when doing that.  Towards the end… a light tap of CO2 is enough.

The system does a good job of picking up most, nearly all, of the beer in the growler.  The picture shows what was left after dispensing this particular growler of beer.


I had my eye on this growler since it was first introduced on Kickstarter years ago.  I purchased one soon after they became readily available and, as of this most recent update, have owned it for four years.  This is a beautiful, well built growler with a great set of features.  The double wall insulation means beer stays cold for longer and resists or eliminates sweating.  The fact that a Keg Cap is available to convert this to a mini keg for serving your draft beer on the go is awesome.  I particularly like that you can purchase that separately.  This is a great growler

DrinkTanks Growlers on Amazon

Note that this review is based on a gen 1 DrinkTanks Growler.  Since it was published in 2014, new models have been released.  Concepts should be identical or similar, but design features may vary compared with current models

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  1. abeerdude

    A guy in our home-brew club did a temp test. He set the growler full of beer out in the sun and it only lost about one degree per hour. I haven’t tested it myself but that sounds pretty amazing


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