Hands on Review: Kegco 1 Gallon Ball Lock Kegs

Why Smaller Kegs?

Smaller kegs are good for small space kegging, splitting batches (easily try a variation of your larger batch), small batch brewers and for easily serving on the go.  Since this is smaller than most small kegs (usually 2.5 to 3 gallons), you could also use it to push cleaning and sanitizing solution without wasting a lot of CO2 pressurizing head space.

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Hands on Review: AEB Italian Made Ball Lock Kegs!

I bought this particular keg up because of it’s small size. It’s essentially a large growler. Because it’s ball lock, all the existing gear I have is compatible.

Hands on Review 1 Gallon Kegco Ball Lock Keg

A look at the kegDetails are stamped on the side. P/N KCAB1G-SH, Capacity 1.32 US Gallons/5 Liters. Material SS 304. This is a unique size. 2.5 and 3 gallon kegs have been around for quite some time, I’ve even seen 1.75 gallon kegs. 1 gallon kegs are uncommon.

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Kegco Brand stamp, maybe these are actually laser etchings, not 100% sure.The keg also has a maximum PSI warning.  Mine says: Warning – Never Exceed Maximum Working Pressure of 130 PSITop down viewThe lid. I can also tell you from my four years of high school German that the instructions are in German.The keg’s rubber bottom.  What’s the notch/bump? The liquid out dip tube is straight and fits right in that notch.The strap handleA look inside the keg… it looks beautifulAnother look in the kegLiquid out and gas in dip tubes installedMy keg had 7/8″ x 6 point posts. See: Hands on Review: Craftsman Deep Well Sockets for Ball Lock Keg Posts – for more about keg posts and toolsGas in post and dip tube removedUnlike a lot of the newer kegs I’m seeing this keg does not feature universal poppets. Related: Universal Poppet Tips & Tricks.Since doing my post on reconditioning kegs, I’ve gotten into the habit of immediately replacing all o-rings with Valuebrew Food Grade Gaskets. I use green and blue for the posts to make identification quick and easy… green = gas, blue = beer. It’s worth noting that this isn’t something you have to do, I prefer food grade silicone and the color-coding and I have these on hand since I picked them up in bulk. Very little cost on a per o-ring basis making these upgradesO-Rings replacedThis is a great looking keg!One of the reasons I picked this keg up was to use as a growler for portable serving… the coolest growler of all time!Add on a faucet and CO2 source and this is ready to serve homebrew on the go.


This keg comes in at just 9.5″ tall and 9″ in diameter, approximate.


This is a top quality keg. The interior welds look fantastic and the keg is just really well built.Beyond the quality, this is a unique size keg that offers some unique advantages. Since it’s  near growler sized it can easily be used for get-togethers and more. Overall, I’m really happy with this purchase.

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Should I buy a New Keg or a Used Keg?

Used kegs are generally sourced from soda bottlers.  They are built with commercial use in mind and designed to last for many years of rough duty service.

Brand new ball locks may not be made to the same standards.  However… We also don’t generally put our kegs through the same abuse that a soda distributor would.

Not withstanding price.  I think both options are valid.  If you’re up for a little elbow grease and replacing a few parts, used may be the way to go, if you’re more interested in convenience brand new is a good choice.  Practically, at least as of this posting, I think price will cause many to go the used route.

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