Finding Faucet Locks for Perlick Faucets

Perlick Wrap Around Draft Beer Faucet Lock - Kegerator Bar Security - All ModelsPictured: eBay Offering – Perlick Wrap Around Draft Beer Faucet Lock – Kegerator Bar Security – All Models

A faucet lock allows you to secure your faucet to prevent unwanted use.  Kids, visitors, etc.

Perlick makes two models…

  • 308-40B works with Perlick 307, 425, 408, 410 and the 525SS faucets.
  • 308-40C works with Perlick 600 Series Faucets

Availability on these can be touch and go.  I’ve found that eBay can be a good spot for these

Search: 308-40b and 308-40c on eBay

  • Perlick 630SS @ AIH and MoreBeer – forward sealing (will not stick and more resistant to contamination) and stainless steel
  • Perlick 650SS @ AIH and MoreBeer – forward sealing, stainless steel and flow control.  Flow control allows you to vary resistance making it easier to serve higher carbonation beers with less beer line.
  • Intertap Faucets and Accessories – high quality forward sealing faucets & unique accessories
  • Growler Fillers – allow you to easily attach tubing to your growler.  Use a length of tubing to ensure that you’re filling from the bottom up – Standard Faucets | Perlick 525 | Perlick 600 Series

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