Getting a Deal on Cans for Your Homebrew Can Seamer

Why Can?

Cans block all light and oxygen transfer. That’s not true of bottles. They also play well at the park, beach and pool. Glass bottles are made from breakable glass that can… break. 🙂 Canning is also… cool. We’ve been able to pretty easily do everything that commercial brewers have been able to do – Conicals, Control Panels, Fermenting Under Pressure and More – for quite some time. Canning, until recently, was a hold out.

Homebrew Can Seamers

Before the advent of countertop can seamers, canning beer was out of reach and unrealistic for homebrewers and even some smaller brew pub operations.  I looked into canning early in my homebrewing career. Around that time a manufacturer released an “affordable” system that was in the $10k, range. That was considered affordable at the time. I’m happy to say that times have changed.

Can Seamer Reviews

Getting a Deal on Cans!

Tip: Shop Around – Although individual cans are inexpensive to produce and very lightweight, shipping is a real issue. Packages end up being large and can fall under dimensional shipping, which adds cost based on size.

Tip: Don’t discount calculated shipping – Because of high shipping costs, some retailers exclude cases of new cans from free or flat rate shipping programs. What counts is the total cost per can delivered to your door. Don’t ignore a retailer solely because shipping is an additional cost.


Tip: Make Friends With Your Local Brewery

Have a great local brewery that cans?  They most likely buy large quantities. Along those lines their per can cost is likely much less. Make friends with the brewer and you may just find yourself getting a great deal on unlabeled cans. Make sure the cans are compatible with your canning system.

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